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Punch-Up Plushies: Hell. Yes.


Hey Clevelanders!

You know how you’re all sitting at home, going “What do you wanna do this weekend?” And then that voice in your head says “I dunno. What do you wanna do this weekend?” And then you just end up staying home, watching reruns of Cops.

Man, you guys really need to get out more.

Well, you’re in luck! ‘Cause I know exactly what you’re gonna do this weekend!

With The Avengers movie starting principal in the Cleveland area, The Pop Shop Gallery in Lakewood — in collaboration with over 25 Cleveland based artists — have created a multitude of artworks both inspired by and paying homage to the Marvel Comics super hero team.

How cool is that? A superhero-inspired gallery show right in your backyard!

Wait. ‘Cause it gets better!

My very good friend Joel Jackson — who recently did this awesome Punch-Up pin up — has two pieces in the show!

Avenging Cleveland opens this Saturday, July 9th from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM at The Pop Shop Gallery, located at 17020 Madison Ave Lakewood, OH. You can read more about the show here.

Should be a lot of fun. See you there!


Hey kids,

As I was writing late last night, I heard the familiar ping of my Google chat popping up. I don’t IM all that often but, whenever I do, nine times out of ten, it’s with my Punch-Up artist, the Amazing David Brame. Last night was no different.

Sitting in a Gchat window marked ‘David Brame,’ was a link to a youTube video. After clicking the link, which took me to this page, — before I had seen even one single frame of video — I heard a very familiar voice. A voice that belonged to, you guessed it, the Amazing David Brame himself.

As I had mentioned a few months ago, Dave was given a grant to draw a research comic about testicular cancer and, late last year, he was given the opportunity to speak about it at a TEDx event in Toronto. The title of his lecture? Nerd Power: Using Your Six Year-Old Mind to Inspire Your Future

Check it out.

It amazes me how calm and cool and genuinely funny he was up on stage — like he had done this sort of thin millions of times before — especially after he told me how much he was freaking out inside. But he did it. He belonged there. He owned that stage.

I guess that’s why he’s called the Amazing David Brame…


…recently launched a website to showcase — and sell prints of — her beautiful nature photography.

To show her appreciation for your patronage, Candace is offering a 20% off coupon code — 20OFFPHOTO — for all photography prints, valid through April 30th, 2011!

Go check it out. She has some gorgeous work.


…writer extraordinaire behind Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Fell, Nextwave, and Crooked Little Vein — posted a new blog today and, in it, mentioned my good friend Thomas McKenzie’s debut novel, KnoWare Man!

How did this come to be, you ask?

(OK, maybe you didn’t ask or weren’t even wondering it at all but, for the sake of this blog post, I’m totally gonna pretend that you did.)

How did this come to be, you ask?

Well, it’s a very long story and I really don’t feel like getting into it right now.

Oh, what the hell.  Here goes.

About a week ago, Warren Ellis put that call out on his Twitter account that he wanted any of the sci-fi/fantasy writers who follow him to pimp out their work on his Whitechapel forum; to “show themselves, tell him what you do, provide links to work and information and purchasing where possible.”

So I gave that Scottish bah-stard Thomas McKenzie a call and said, “Hey, McKenzie, ye Scottish bah-stard!  You wrote a book!  A sci-fi book!  And a damned good sci-fi book at that!  Go forth and pimp thyself!”

He did. And it was good.

Then, on this very night, Warren Ellis posted a blog on his website, a blog filled of seemingly random topics; webcomics, art, a DVD documentary, photographs, a couple of books.

As it turns out, one of those books mentioned was Thomas McKenzie’s KnoWare Man, complete with a shot of the book cover, designed by yours truly. You can check it out here.

I, of course, giggled hysterically like little girl for several minutes and then immediately called Tom to informed him of the aforementioned blog and then the two of us giggled hysterically like little girls for several hours.

Thanks to my good friend Judah Thor for passing the link on to me.  For, without him, I would never have seen the blog nor would I have the total sense of entitlement and arrogance that I feel right now!

And, just a reminder, you can buy Thomas McKenzie’s KnoWare Man here for $13.00 or download the digital version for $6.66. \m/

So, yeah, Warren Ellis posted a book cover that I designed on his blog.  What did you do today?


…is debuting her brand new webcomic today, called Oxford Road, which follows the lives of people in a town where your best friend rides a Victorian bicycle and your co-workers worked on the pyramids.

I’ve seen some of Lauren’s work.  You guys are in for some good stuff.

Once you’ve read Oxford Road, make sure you check out Lauren’s website, follow her on Twitter and DeviantArt, and become a fan of hers on Facebook!


Hey, speaking of webcomics, check back here in a few days — hopefully only a few days — for some very exciting news regarding… which was supposed to debut *coughcough* twoweeksago *coughcoughgrumblecough*

To paraphrase Thomas Fuller, “If it were not for comics, the heart would break..”


…is  filmmaker and he recently posted a couple of new short films online.

The first is a beautiful short called “Never Summer” and is a look the highest snowfall New England had seen in years.  News reports were calling it a disaster.  This is how James saw it.

The second film is probably my favorite thing I’ve seen in weeks.  It’s called “Late Nite Dittos” and it’s what happens when photo nerds and exceptionally fun people get together for the evening.  It’s a really fun little video that makes excellent usage out of the Matt& Kim song, “Daylight”, and — even though I’ve only discovered it this morning — I’m pretty sure I’ve watched it at least half a dozen times already.  (James is the guy wearing the blue T-shirt at the beginning of the video.)

Once you’re done watching these, go subscribe to James’ youTube channel.

Dude’s gonna direct the Punch-Up movie someday…