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Imagine your whole world is silent.

Sure, there are people everywhere, talking. Yelling. Singing. Televisions and radios blare endless amounts of noise. Cars drive by; engines rumbling, brakes screeching, horns honking. A dog barks. But you can’t hear it.

You are walking down a busy street, trying to send a text to a friend, but something is different about your phone. You can’t find any of your previous conversations, but instead discover photos you didn’t take. Photos of… dead bodies?

You are confused. And upset. You might throw up.

Your pace slows, as you try to wrap your mind around what you’ve just seen, and you look up just in time to see the head of the person walking in front of you burst open as a bullet passes through it. The faces of people around you contort in fear as they open their mouths to scream screams you will never hear. Some of them drop to the ground, trying to make themselves as small as possible. Others run for cover.

Now you are even more confused.

You turn around, looking for the answer to a question you’ve already solved. You see a man with a gun. You remember the thing in your hand; the phone that is not your phone, filled with pictures of… such horrible things. Suddenly, you realize who it belongs to.

You look back up. The man with the gun is coming towards you. At you. Fire erupts from the end of the barrel as he takes another soundless shot. A bullet flies by your head.

And then you run.

MUTE: How do you escape a killer you can’t hear coming?



Hey kids,

I just wanted to let you all know that the Kickstarter for my new comic, MUTE, recently went live! MUTE is a 48-page modern noir comic I wrote that is being drawn by artist Michael Lee Harris.

Our story follows Adrian Kim, a deaf steel mill worker, and his ladyfriend, Meg, as they find themselves on the run from a ruthless killer after Adrian accidentally mistakes the killer’s smartphone – filled with incriminating evidence of grisly murders – for his own.

Because Adrian is deaf, there is absolutely no spoken dialogue or sound effects in the comic. You, as the reader, are just as “deaf” as Adrian is. Which means that there aren’t any sort of advanced warnings of oncoming danger. No footsteps slowly growing louder or gunshots ringing through an alleyway; just bullets whizzing past your head.

Of the $7,000 we need to produce MUTE, fifty percent of the money raised will cover art production; a quarter will go towards printing the book; and the rest of the money will be divided up and used to pay for shipping, Kickstarter fees, and various campaign rewards.

The MUTE Kickstarter will run until April 8th at 11:59 PM EST.

So glad it’s finally Free Comic Book Day! Lettering Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER has been a blast and I’m so grateful that I can finally hold a physical copy of this book in my hands! Hope you guys dig it!


Not to be outdone by FCBD, I also received Kyle Starks’s amazing THE LEGEND OF RICKY THUNDER collection, a couple of fantastic mini comics, and some pretty rad Ricky Thunder stickers and trading cards in the mail today!


And, even though I technically received this a week ago, thanks to my best friends, Kev and Jody, I finally got my hands on a copy of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: HYRULE HISTORIA.


Zelda is probably my all-time FAVORITE video game series and I have been wanting a Zelda art book for the looongest time. So you can imagine how absolutely THRILLED I was when the HISTORIA was announced last year.

(I don’t know if you can tell, but I am cackling maniacally behind the book.)

So, yeah, Ice Cube, I guess today was a good day…

Hey kids,

I’ve got a pretty exciting announcement to make.

As most of you know, in addition to writing comics, I also letter comics and have been lucky enough to have worked on a number of fantastic books. About a month back, I was hired to letter what is easily one of the biggest titles of my career thus far: Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER!

Molly Danger

Most of you will recognize Jamal Igle from his fantastic runs drawing books like SUPERGIRL and NIGHTWING.

MOLLY is his first all-ages creator-owned graphic album series. “She’s smart, and she’s incredibly brave. She’s the protector of Coopersville, the Princess of Finesse, the petite powerhouse known only as Molly Danger! But what secrets threaten everything she holds dear?” You can read more about both Jamal and Molly here.

And, as if that’s not cool enough, on May 4th, you can pick up the first eleven pages of the world’s most powerful 10-year-old girl’s story — with my letters : ) — for FREE in the MOLLY DANGER/PRINCELESS Free Comic Book Day book from Action Lab Entertainment!

Molly Danger FCBD

You can read a preview of the MOLLY DANGER FCBD story here (although, I CAN NOT stress enough the fact that these are not final letters.).

Check back here for more MOLLY and non-MOLLY related comic book announcements in the near future. Like, say, next week-ish. ; )

Hey kids,

Just came across this mini documentary about creative individuals in Toronto, called CREATIVE DIFFERENCES, that largely features my good friend and longtime comic book collaborator, The Amazing David Brame!

(Keep an eye out just before the five minute mark and you catch just a quick glimpse of SKOTTIE ROCKET, GAY SPACE PIRATE, a comic we created together!)

Give it a watch!

Hey kids,

So I bought and read the latest issue of AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD today, a comic I have recommended before, and found an awesome little Easter Egg at the bottom of page 16.

Yep, Officer Freeman is pickin’ up cold, refreshing six-pack of Patrick’s Punch-Up Brew! LOL!

Issue number four  of AMELIA COLE is out now and is written by Eisner and Harvey award winners Adam P. Knave & D.J. Kirkbride, drawn by Nick Brokenshire, and lettered by Rachel Deering. And, as if you needed another reason to be reading this book, all November proceeds of AMELIA COLE — and other MonkeyBrain titles — are being donated to the Hero Initiative! So read some awesome comics and help out a worthy cause!

Hey kids,

So I don’t usually like to tell you guys what to do with your money. It’s your money. Who the hell am I to tell you how to spend it? If I come across something cool – an awesome new Kickstarter campaign or a particularly cool book or piece of art that a friend of mine made – I might point it out to you, just so you know it exists and let you make your own purchasing decisions. Hell, a couple of weeks ago, when an anthology came out with one of my stories in it, I was even like “Hey, this exists. You can buy it. If you want. Or not. Whatever. I’m not gonna force you.”

But this? This is something different.

Earlier this week, we saw the launch of MonkeyBrain Comics; a creator-owned digital comics line, founded by Chris Roberson and Allison Baker, and distributed through Comixology. Five books were announced and released, with more titles to be revealed next week at the San Diego Comic Con. While each of those books are amazing in their own way, I’m only want to talk about one of them.

Meet Amelia Cole.

“Amelia Cole lives in two worlds — literally. One runs on magic, the other built on technology. When the barriers between those worlds start to break down, Amelia and her aunt Dani must take extreme action. It’s the start of whole new world in adventure, magic, and excitement as Amelia Cole steps forward to do what she knows it right, even when the consequences might be wrong.”

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World is one of those rare and special gems of comicdom.

The first issue hits the ground running, tossing you right into the action, and manages to stay quick-paced and action-packed, interesting and suspenseful, and – most importantly, I think – fun to the end. Like the titular character, you’re never really sure what’s going on or what could possibly come next and, by the time you get to the end, you’re practically begging for that second issue, because the first so beautiful sets up a world where anything can happen that you just can’t wait until everything does.

Here’s where I’m going to stop talking about plot, because I don’t want to spoil a single panel for you – just know that the story is magical in every sense of the word – and instead talk about character.

Amelia Cole is not a “strong female character.” She is a strong character. Period. Her gender has little [re: nothing] to do with what the book is about or anything that happens within it. She is smart and capable, with an inner strength that she herself may not be fully aware of.

But she is not without her flaws. She can be rash and headstrong, reacting without thinking about the consequences of her actions. She makes mistakes. Which land her in some sticky situations. Yet, as strong as she is, she still has moments of doubt, there are cracks in her self-confidence.

Amelia Cole is an attractive young woman, but not “sexy” by the standard “cheesecake” views of women in pop culture. She’s not a waif. She’s also not super buff, either. She doesn’t have six-pack abs, “legs that go all the way up,” a non-existent waist, or breasts that double as floatation devices. She has weight. She has hips. She has a backbone – both figuratively and literally – that conforms to the physics of how the human body can and should move.

She also wears these odd things seldom seen in mainstream comic books: clothes. Like real clothes. That a person would wear. Amelia dresses in jeans, a tank top, a slightly over-sized flannel shirt, and – gasp! – comfortable shoes. This is a girl who knows the value having to move and run quickly. There’s no spandex or form-fitting leather and all of her clothes survive the issue without being torn up and/or off. “Scantily clad” is not a phrase that exists in this world. How original!

Amelia Cole feels like more than a three dimensional character. She is a thinking, feeling human being.

And then there’s the magic. Oh, the magic.

Wands. Energy blasts. Persuasion demons. Ancient runes. Portals. Magic doors. Alternative worlds. Other realms. Bouncy teleportation balls. (Omigod, if and when they start releasing Amelia Cole merchandise, you guys are all gonna want an official “Amelia Cole” Bouncy Teleportation Ball ™! I’m telling you. They’re fun.)

And that’s just in the first issue.

I think one of the best things about Amelia Cole and the Unknown World, though, is that it has a little something for everyone, appealing to a wide and diverse demographic, and it’s rated 12+ so just about anyone can read and enjoy it!

Do you like Harry Potter? Then you’d probably like Amelia Cole. Do you read comics like Phonogram, Runaways, The Immortal Iron Fist, Y: The Last Man, or Atomic Robo? Do you watch TV shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra? Do you enjoy the works of Miyazaki or even Joss Whedon? Then, your probably dig Amelia Cole, too.

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World is written by Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride, two award-winning writers who show their love of comics and story on every page; drawn by Nick Brokenshire, a master of illustration and color who breathes brilliant life into this magical new world; expertly lettered by Rachel Deering; and is available now on Comixology for only $1.99 for 28 pages. (You can can read an eight-page preview of the first issue here.)

With almost a third more content than your average mainstream book, and at half the cost, I urge you to take a chance, pick up the book, and get to know Amelia Cole and her unknown world with her.

You’ll be really glad you did.

Hey kids,

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that the EnterVOID Anthology — the 178 page full-color trade paperback, featuring self-contained fight comics by several EnterVOID writers and artists, including Cat Fight, a 20-page comic written and lettered by yours truly, drawn by the Amazing David Brame, and colored by the incredible Heather Breckel — was finally in print for $20.00.

Well, I just got word that you can now also buy the anthology in digital form, through Graphicly, for only $4.99! So feel free to pick it up, if that is a thing that is relative to your interests.

Hey kids,

Remember a few months ago when I started posting teasers and random panels from the new comic project I was working on for the EnterVOID Anthology? Well, I just got word that the book is now done and ready for purchase!

The EnterVOID Anthology is a 178 page full-color trade paperback, featuring self-contained fight comics by several EnterVOID writers and artists; including Cat Fight, a 20-page comic written and lettered by yours truly, drawn by the Amazing David Brame, and colored by the incredible Heather Breckel!

(Click to make slightly larger.)

The EnterVOID Anthology is only available in print for the moment and retails for $20.00, although, a cheaper digital version will be available soon.

Damn, I love seeing my name in print. : )