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Three individual little old men, each wearing little old men driving hats, complimented me on my little old man driving hat this afternoon while I was out running errands.

After several months — years? — of disguising myself in their garb, learning their language, and earning their trust, I have finally been accepted by the local tribe — or matlock — of little old men.

Tune in next time, as I further investigate the time-honored customs of: offering small hard candies to one another; loudly complaining about the length of hair, piercings, and tribal markings of area young; and uncover the mystery of the “early bird” dinner.


Hey kids,

Just came across this mini documentary about creative individuals in Toronto, called CREATIVE DIFFERENCES, that largely features my good friend and longtime comic book collaborator, The Amazing David Brame!

(Keep an eye out just before the five minute mark and you catch just a quick glimpse of SKOTTIE ROCKET, GAY SPACE PIRATE, a comic we created together!)

Give it a watch!