I had this dream where I lost my pup, Chloe Godzilla Cvetkovic, in large pack of other, almost identical-looking beagles. I searched and I searched by, try as I might, I just couldn’t seem to spot my pup.*

So, instead of trying to search through them all, dog by dog, I decided to think smarter not harder and have the entire pack perform a series of very specific tricks. First, sit. Then, lay down. Roll over. Sit up. Give paw. Speak.

And while all the dogs were sitting and rolling over and giving paw, I quickly spotted the one pup who was instead completely ignoring me and busy sticking her entire head into one of my slippers, with a great big stupid moron puppy grin on her face.

And that’s how I found my Chloe again. : )

*The beginning part of this dream is almost identical to a reoccurring nightmare I used to have when I was a child, where I lost my Pop Pop in a large group of men who all looked just like my Pop Pop, but I couldn’t seem to find the Pop Pop that was mine. I would wake up crying and make my parents call my Pop Pop, just to make sure that he was still there.