Hey kids,

So this is something I’ve been meaning to promote for a while now and just haven’t gotten around to it yet because, y’know, I’ve got other stuff going on.

What kind of stuff? you might ask? Personal stuff, OK? Why don’t you back up off of my shit? Alright?


Anyway. What was I saying before you so rudely tried to get into my business?

Oh. Right.

My good friends Lindsey and Jared have recently started a podcast and it is one of my very favorite things. It’s called Double Jump Spirit and it’s… quite difficult to describe, actually.

There is no set theme or topics of discussion for the podcast as a whole or for individual episodes. Lindsey and Jared just show up every two weeks — hopefully, soon to be every week — and talk about whatever is on their mind, or Lindsey’s thirty pages of notes, that day. Popular reoccurring subjects include: gaming, movies, TV shows, Netflix, Amazon, technology, general nerdiness, Lindsey yelling at Jared, groceries, cats, awesomeness, unicorns, Zebra Cakes, and — scarily enough — yours truly.

Double Jump Spirit is always fun and funny and charming and awesome, even when Lindsey is yelling at Jared — or at me, even though I am not there when they record or in any way affiliated with the podcast — which is quite often.

You should be listening.