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Hello all,

I’m back from Columbus and S.P.A.C.E. was a ton of fun, as per usual. Con traffic was a bit slow across the board, but I still managed to sell my fair share. I also got to pick up a couple of really fun comics, including The Little Monsters EP: A 2 Headed Monster Comics Sampler from James Moore, Joel Jackson, and Katie Valeska and Blink: So It Goes – Wonka Wonka Kochalka by Max Ink. And, as always, it was just fantastic to get out to a con and see all my comic creator friends again. Thanks to everyone who came out to buy a book or a plushie or just stopped by to say hi! And a BIG thanks to my friends Emily and Jamil, who put me up — and put up with me! — for the weekend!


A quick announcement. I know I promised you this yesterday, but I forgot the rule that says “Thou shalt not get much of anything accomplished the day after an out-of-town convention weekend, no matter how hard thou tries.”

I have five or six of those awesome handcrafted Patrick Plushies, courtesy of the wonderful Ms. Abigail Kokai, leftover from S.P.A.C.E. They’re going for $20 (plus $3.00 S&H — PayPal only, at this time, please) AND I’ll throw in a copy of the 40-page Punch-Up comic, some stickers and postcards, and maybe some other goodies for FREE. If interested, let me know.


Hey kids,

I’m pretty thrilled to announce the release of the first issue of Fireside Magazine, a quarterly literary magazine edited and published by my good friend Brian White.

This 81-page collection includes four shorts stories — Press Enter to Execute by Tobias Buckell, To the Moon by Ken Liu, Emerald Lakes by Chuck Wendig, and Temperance by Christie Yant — a twelve-page comic, Snow Ninjas of the Himalayas, written by my good friends D.J. Kirkbride and Adam P. Knave, penciled by one of my closest friends, Michael Lee Harris, and lettered by yours truly, and features illustrations by Amy Houser.

You can get the first issue for only $3.99 in a variety of DRM-free digital formats (Sorry. Print editions are not available.) or subscribe to Fireside and get four issues for only $8.00 a year!

This was a lot of fun to work on and I honestly can’t wait until issue two production starts.

Pick up your copy of Fireside Magazine today.

Hey kids,

So this is something I’ve been meaning to promote for a while now and just haven’t gotten around to it yet because, y’know, I’ve got other stuff going on.

What kind of stuff? you might ask? Personal stuff, OK? Why don’t you back up off of my shit? Alright?


Anyway. What was I saying before you so rudely tried to get into my business?

Oh. Right.

My good friends Lindsey and Jared have recently started a podcast and it is one of my very favorite things. It’s called Double Jump Spirit and it’s… quite difficult to describe, actually.

There is no set theme or topics of discussion for the podcast as a whole or for individual episodes. Lindsey and Jared just show up every two weeks — hopefully, soon to be every week — and talk about whatever is on their mind, or Lindsey’s thirty pages of notes, that day. Popular reoccurring subjects include: gaming, movies, TV shows, Netflix, Amazon, technology, general nerdiness, Lindsey yelling at Jared, groceries, cats, awesomeness, unicorns, Zebra Cakes, and — scarily enough — yours truly.

Double Jump Spirit is always fun and funny and charming and awesome, even when Lindsey is yelling at Jared — or at me, even though I am not there when they record or in any way affiliated with the podcast — which is quite often.

You should be listening.


Hey kids,

OK, so good news/bad news time.

The bad news is that, unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel my appearances at both the Summit City Comic Con in Fort Wayne, IN and the Derby City Comic Con in Louisville, KY. Both are really great shows and I’m super bummed that I won’t be able to make it to either of them this year. But I shall return, with something that resembles a vengeance, next year.

The good news is that means my first and only show of the season is the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo in beautiful Columbus, OH!

I’ll be located at Table 129 and will have copies of Punch-Up and Skottie Rocket for sale — both written by me and illustrated by the Amazing David Brame — as well as FREE Punch-Up postcards and stickers — AND, to sweeten the pot, I will have TEN Punch-Up Patrick Plushies for sale, courtesy of the wonderful Ms. Abigail Kokai.

And, in case you weren’t already sick of me, at 4:00 on Saturday April 21st, I will be talking about webcomics on a panel with fellow webcomics creators Doug Hufford & Todd Beistel (Yuri Gypsy Hunter), Eric Adams (Lackluster World), and Kevin Czapiewski (Spoilers). This will be my first ever panel, so make sure you come see just how much I can prattle on and sweat in one hour!

SPACE is held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center, located at 4900 Sinclair Road Columbus, OH 43229, April 21st and 22nd, from 10:00 AM through 6:00 PM on Saturday and 10:00 AM through 5:00 PM on Sunday. Admission is $5.00 a day or $8.00 for a weekend pass.

So come on down to S.P.A.C.E. and buy a book or two or just say hi! Either way, it should be a blast!