Hey kids,

So I drew this stupid comic a couple of days ago, for this awesome Sea Monkeys-themed anthology called A Bowl Full of Happiness, which will be for sale at SPACE on April 21st and 22nd, with all the proceeds going to benefit the Hero Initiative.

I actually had a one-page Sea Monkeys comic in mind before I had ever heard of the anthology and was pretty excited when I heard I could put that idea to good use.

Since I’m sort of a sarcastic asshole, my approach was more of a spoof of those awesome old Sea Monkeys advertisements…

…which hilariously depicted little anthropomorphic creatures that were nothing like the real, barely visible brine shrimp you actually received.

Anyway, I wish I had more time to spend on my contribution. I’ll probably end up redrawing it, and adding some color, when I reuse it for my own purposes later on down the line. But, for now, here is the stupid comic I drew about Sea Monkeys: