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Last night, while I was chatting with my good friend, Adam P Knave, we got to talking about comics starring talking potatoes. (Don’t ask.)

Anyway. This morning, Adam asked for topics to blog about and I jokingly suggested talking potatoes. To which he responded with Talking Potato Comics.

So, this afternoon, I made this:

Shit. I used to make real comics…


After a pretty lively debate about hipsters — initially, because I was earlier referred to “the king of comic book hipsters” by my friend, Diana, that quickly escalated into… something else entirely, because of who I have foolishly chosen to befriend ; ) — my “good friend” Dirk Shearer defended my non-hipster ways and threatened, and then immediately acted upon said threat, to illustrate what I would look like if I were a hipster.

With friends like these… : )

Hey kids,

So I drew this stupid comic a couple of days ago, for this awesome Sea Monkeys-themed anthology called A Bowl Full of Happiness, which will be for sale at SPACE on April 21st and 22nd, with all the proceeds going to benefit the Hero Initiative.

I actually had a one-page Sea Monkeys comic in mind before I had ever heard of the anthology and was pretty excited when I heard I could put that idea to good use.

Since I’m sort of a sarcastic asshole, my approach was more of a spoof of those awesome old Sea Monkeys advertisements…

…which hilariously depicted little anthropomorphic creatures that were nothing like the real, barely visible brine shrimp you actually received.

Anyway, I wish I had more time to spend on my contribution. I’ll probably end up redrawing it, and adding some color, when I reuse it for my own purposes later on down the line. But, for now, here is the stupid comic I drew about Sea Monkeys:

I teased the completion of a new project a couple of days ago, and promised to give you guys a look at what I’ve been working on yesterday, and then completely forgot to post anything because I was all caught up in birthday shenanigans (IE – freelance work).


So my good friend and former roommate, Kev, is turning thirty soon, and he and his wife wanted me to design the invitations for his party. They asked for The Muppet’s Statler and Waldorf to be on the front of the invitations, as Kev is to be roasted at the party, and who better represents heckling than those two?

Anyway, I can’t show you the information side, obviously, but here the the front that I drew.

The original is 6″ x 9″ on 9″ x 12″ watercolor paper (later shrunk down to 4″ x 6″), inked with my trusty Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, colored in Photoshop, and lettered in Illustrator.

Come back in a few days and I’ll show you the one page comic I’m working on today for an anthology!

Punch-Up Plushies: Hell. Yes.