Hey kids,

As it turns out, Halloween is only a few weeks before my friend Emily’s birthday and a few week after my friend Bill’s. And since, this year, they’re both celebrating milestone birthdays — one is turning thirty, the other forty — they decided to throw one big Halloween birthday bash.

They came to me with the idea of designing the invitations like a horror movie Double Feature poster. Because we were pressed for time, we opted for photo manipulation over designing from scratch.

First up, I designed Bill’s. He and his wife are into zombie’s, so I recommissioned a Dawn of the Dead (2004) movie poster by making the stark white background black; digitally darkening, painting, and slightly blurring the face; and then adding in text. Pretty easy. Came out looking something like this:

Emily’s was considerably harder. I had no idea what to do with her’s. I know I wanted to somehow incorporate the 30 Days of Night idea into the poster, mostly because of the number, but I knew she wasn’t really into the whole vampire scene. Then her husband reminded me of her love of the Roald Dahl book — and the 1990 movie adaptation — The Witches. I ended up superimposing the lead witches head over top the 30 Days of Night poster, flattened the colors, then recolored it the entire piece, and added text. Which doesn’t sound that hard, but was actually kind of a pain in the ass. Anyway, final product turned out pretty ok and everyone was happy with it.

Then, I positioned the two together, gave it the Grindhouse title, and that was the front of the postcard invitations.

I also designed the back of the postcard as well, but it was mostly straight text and contained home and email addresses, so I can’t show you that. Just know that it was awesome.

Witches be crazy.