Hey kids,

I had a nice two and a half hour-long chat with my friend Erin a few weeks back. Ever since then, part of our conversation just got stuck in my head and I had to share.

ERIN: So what’s you most irrational fear?

ME: Oh, wow. We’re getting pretty deep now, huh?

ERIN: Answer the question.

ME: OK, well, I’ve never really told anyone this before but, a few years ago, I wasn’t exactly in the greatest of places, y’know?

ERIN: Mm-hmm.

ME: Anyway, you know how, at night, when you’re sleeping and your heart rate slows down?

ERIN: Yeah…

ME: Well, even though I knew that it wouldn’t, I was totally convinced that my heart rate was going to slow down to the point that it would just stop completely.

ERIN: Oh, wow.

ME: I would keep myself awake all night, scared that if I fell asleep I would die.

ERIN: Jesus.

ME: I went weeks without sleeping more that an hour a night, if that.

ERIN: Holy shit. That’s…

ME: Totally irrational, I know.

ERIN: No. Wow. That’s so much more real that what I was going to say.

ME: Hahaha! Yeah? What’s yours?

ERIN: I was gonna say “ghosts.”

ME: Oh.

Ghosts are scary, too.