You remember that “Angry Panda” T-shirt Patrick was wearing (on Punch-Up page 51, panel 3) that everyone loved so much and wanted to be made into a real T-shirt?

Yeah, we were excited, too.

Well, unfortunately, someone else already holds a trademark on “Angy Panda” and we were hit with a cease and desist. So, sadly, we will NOT be printing any “Angry Panda” T-shirts.

However, I am quite pleased to announce that we WILL be printing “Mad Panda” or “Irate Panda” or “Cranky Panda” or “Bitter Panda” or “Raging Panda” or whatever-other-adjective-for-angry-we-can-think-of-that-sounds-good Panda T-shirts.

What kind of Panda do you guys like?