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You remember that “Angry Panda” T-shirt Patrick was wearing (on Punch-Up page 51, panel 3) that everyone loved so much and wanted to be made into a real T-shirt?

Yeah, we were excited, too.

Well, unfortunately, someone else already holds a trademark on “Angy Panda” and we were hit with a cease and desist. So, sadly, we will NOT be printing any “Angry Panda” T-shirts.

However, I am quite pleased to announce that we WILL be printing “Mad Panda” or “Irate Panda” or “Cranky Panda” or “Bitter Panda” or “Raging Panda” or whatever-other-adjective-for-angry-we-can-think-of-that-sounds-good Panda T-shirts.

What kind of Panda do you guys like?



Hey kids,

Holy cow! The Rocketeer is one of those films that shaped my childhood. I must have watched that movie a thousand times. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the film’s release and, to celebrate, John Banana has created an animated tribute that’s pretty dang awesome. Check it out.

Man, the things I would do to write a Rocketeer comic…


Hey kids,

I really wanted to post this over the weekend, but I was at the Summit City Comic Con without my laptop so…

I’m sure by now most of you have seen this already and, if you haven’t… what’s the matter with you?

It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights.


…as expected, was a lot of fun!

I sold some books, I doodled a few doodles, I talked to a lot of awesome people. Business as usual.

I got to sit next to several friends, which made the day fly by. Sitting beside me on the left was my broner-in-arms, Dave Losso, of The Great Sandwich Detective and Kill The Wonderhawks fame. (He did some Skottie Rocket fan art, which I’ll post as soon as I get my scanner working.) And to the right was my friend and hotelmate, James Moore, one half of 2 Headed Monster Comics and the writer of Radio Free Gahanna and The Toyetic Adventures of Coco Fiasco.

Sitting two tables down from me, in the same section, was my good friend Scott Carelli of Geekshow Entertainment. While at Summit City, Scott debuted the new logo I designed for Geekshow

…as well as announced that his popular Geek By Night podcast series would soon be relaunched this fall as a webcomic, written by himself, illustrated by Scott Tofte, colored by Adam Sheehan, and lettered by your truly.

Scott also interviewed several writers and artists for his podcast while at Summit City and, if you are so inclined, you can listen to me babble on for five minutes about Punch-Up, Skottie Rocket, and The Muppets like a moron here.

I tried not to spend too much money while at Summit City and even succeeded for the most part. But I had to part with some cash for my friend Jeremy McFarren’s new comic, The Cauldron In The Back Cabinet, which I read this morning and is fantastic.

And, while it wasn’t something I went into the con planning to buy, I’m a huge fan of Dave Wachter’s work and couldn’t pass up buying his Sweetums.


So, so happy I own this!

And then, of course, there was the obligatory nights out pre- and post-con: Drinking beer in Zack Kruse’s comic shop, hunting through severely discounted trade paperbacks; sitting in the hotel room with James Moore, trying to figure out the title to a glorious piece of tripping balls cinema (turns out, it was Mom And Dad Save The World); sifting through the pile of old floppy issues James bought in Mystery Packs (he got an awesome issue of Luke Cage Power Man that I am so jealous of); listening to and laughing at James Moore and Scott Carelli argue comics at the Pint N Slice because that’s exactly what I knew would happen; drinking Guinness at the Dash-In next door; drinking with and listening to Zack Kruse and Dave Wactner trading con stories; Zack’s spot on impression of Henchman 24; Zack pulling me aside and giving me a compliment so big that I’m not sure he knows how much it meant to me; watching TV with James back in the hotel room and, after flipping through several channels, somehow thinking that The Wackness had turned into MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the con to say hi and buy a book, thank you to all of my friends who made for countless hours of entertainment, and a BIG thanks to Zack Kruse for organizing another year of a truly great comic convention.

Counting down the days until the next Summit City Comic Con,


Thanksgiving cannot get here fast enough!



Thanks to my friend Judah Thor for passing this along!


Hey guys,

I’ve got some good news and some bad news for all you Punch-Up fans today.

First of all, you know that Angry Panda T-shirt that Patrick is wearing on today’s Punch-Up page that you guys like so much? Well, the Amazing David Brame is working on designs for an Angry Panda T-shirt while I’m looking into printing methods and cost.

(Incidentally, if any of you out there in the interwebs know of a decent service for printing T-shirts, let me know. You’d be saving me from one less headache.)

And then there was only the bad news…

I just got word today the Amazing David Brame that he’s leaving on a much deserved month-long vacation this week and, due to unforeseen events — *coughcough*Abigail Kokai*cough* — we weren’t able to build up enough of a buffer of finished comic pages to last us through his time away.

So we’re going to have to take an immediate month-long hiatus on the webcomic, until he returns and is able to start cranking out new comic pages again.

That said, we’d still like to have original content to post up on the site over the next month. So if any of our artist friends  or fans of the comic and would like to do some Punch-Up fan art — We’re not looking specifically for comic art, so painters, photographers, sculptors, etc. feel free to contribute, too! — get a hold of me as soon as you can. I have character reference for those who need it.

Those who contribute Punch-Up fan art will get a blog post praising your work, along with a short bio and links to whichever of your sites you’d like to plug, as well as a page for your art when Punch-Up is eventually collected in print form.

If interested, please leave a comment or send me an email.

Thanks in advance!


Hey kids,

Just a heads up, this time next week, you can find me at the Summit City Comic Con in beautiful downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I’ll have copies of Punch-Up and Skottie Rocket for sale, as well as some free promotional goodies to give away. I’ll also be doing some five dollar sketches throughout the day.

While you’re there, stop by and stop by and pick up some awesome comics and prints from my fantastically talented friends: James Moore, Scott CarelliDave Losso, Jeremy McFarren, Victor Dandridge, Mason Easley, Erik Rose, Nate Powell, Tom Scioli, Matt Gross, Ben Tiede, and Zack Kruse.

It’s a really fun show spotlighting a lot of really talented people.

Summit City Comic Con: “Be there! Or Be Somewhere Else!”


Hey kids,

A couple of days ago, I came across this awesome little animated, from Paris-based ChezEddy, called “Dripped.”

Give it a watch. It’s pretty fun. And gorgeous.

I love the French.