Hey kids,

You guys like comics? No need to answer that. I’m gonna go ahead and just assume you do, otherwise, why would you be on my blog?

Also, you guys like free shit? Who the fuck doesn’t? Amirite?

Well, you kids are in for some awesome today!

Y’see, my friend Dave Losso just released the first issue of his new free monthly digital comic, Kill The Wonderhawks, distributed by Paper + Plastick Records (owned and operated by Less Than Jake drummer/mogul of everything Vinnie Fiorello)!

Written by the ever-clever Dave Losso, drawn by the incredibly talented Aaron Pittman, and expertly colored by the amazing Alejandro Rosado, Kill The Wonderhawks follows the world-renowned team of heroes as they are chased across the country by a colorful cast of gangs, assassins and scoundrels while dishing out their own brand of justice in the name of peace, unity and, well….reward money.

Basically, put The Venture Brothers, Nextwave, Power Rangers, Mad Max, all your favorite Saturday morning cartoons — and, mayhap, a little Skottie Rocket, Gay Space Pirate? — into a blender, pepper in some naked cowboy bits, swearing jackalopes,  push “liquify,” and what do you get?

A mess?

No, dummy. You get Kill The Wonderhawks. Geez. Pay attention.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this:

Yeah, it’s kinda that awesome.

And the best part is that it’s FREE! Literally all you have to do go to the Paper + Plastic and click “Tweet/Share To Download” and get your copy. That’s it. Tell someone else about Kill The Wonderhawks and you get your own free copy of the first issue. How RAD is that?!

Then, after you’ve read the first issue, go “Like” Kill The Wonderhawks on Facebook and tell Losso, Pittman, and Rosado how rad they are.

(Obviously, with naked cowboy bits and swearing jackalopes and whatnot, Kill The Wonderhawks is NOT a kid-friendly comic. However, if you are looking for a great book for your kids, I cannot recommend Dave Losso’s The Great Sandwich Detective enough. I proudly own all five issues and it is seriously one of the most fun and funny all-ages comics I have ever read!)

You’re welcome.