Hey kids,

As I was writing late last night, I heard the familiar ping of my Google chat popping up. I don’t IM all that often but, whenever I do, nine times out of ten, it’s with my Punch-Up artist, the Amazing David Brame. Last night was no different.

Sitting in a Gchat window marked ‘David Brame,’ was a link to a youTube video. After clicking the link, which took me to this page, — before I had seen even one single frame of video — I heard a very familiar voice. A voice that belonged to, you guessed it, the Amazing David Brame himself.

As I had mentioned a few months ago, Dave was given a grant to draw a research comic about testicular cancer and, late last year, he was given the opportunity to speak about it at a TEDx event in Toronto. The title of his lecture? Nerd Power: Using Your Six Year-Old Mind to Inspire Your Future

Check it out.

It amazes me how calm and cool and genuinely funny he was up on stage — like he had done this sort of thin millions of times before — especially after he told me how much he was freaking out inside. But he did it. He belonged there. He owned that stage.

I guess that’s why he’s called the Amazing David Brame…