Have you ever thought about living the glamorous life of a Booth Bitch?

Do you dream of getting into a small press and alternative comic convention for free? Do you wish that you could carry a comic creator’s shit from his car to the convention floor and set it up for him? And vice versa? Do you long to walk through aisles crowded with nerds, collecting comics printed and stapled together at the local Kinkos, while getting a comic creator a cup of coffee? Do you yearn to sit behind a table, selling comics and merchandise, while the creator of those comics takes a break to walk around, network with other writers and artists, buy some comics, pee?

If you have answered “yes” to any or all of these questions and desire to live the life of a Booth Bitch, but never thought that you could ever aspire to that level of pure awesomeness, then you’re in luck!

The 12th annual Small Press & Alternative Comic Expo is in two weeks and I am in need of a Booth Bitch! I can get you into the convention for free, saving you the whopping $5 entrance fee, and will even possibly buy you lunch! Maybe!

We are an equal-opportunity organization and accept applications from all genders, races and creeds. Must be 18 years of age or older and legally permitted to work in the United States. (This organization does not employ minors as that is, like, super creepy.)

If interested, there are like a brajillion ways to let me know: leave a comment below, gimme a call, send me an email, or shoot me a message on Facebook or Twitter. (If — somehow — more than one person in interested, we can always divide up the days. One person goes Saturday, one on Sunday.)

I look forward to having you work for — I mean, with — me.