Hey kids,

Today — all four hours of it, so far — has sucked.  Stayed up waaay too late working and woke up waaay too early, with maybe three hours of restless sleep in between.  On top of that, I woke up with a “grown-up headache” — due to lack of sleep and the several “grown-up beverages” I consumed last night — and pup that wouldn’t stop barking at the neighbors outside.

Then, everything got instantly better when I opened up an email that contained this awesome new piece of Punch-Up promo art, illustrated by the Amazing David Brame!  Check it out:

This image will be on the postcards we’ll be giving away at conventions, advertising Punch-Up.net.  It’s so purty, though, I think we may have to eventually make a poster out of it!

So if you see us at a con, stop on by and pick up a free Punch-Up postcard.  And, y’know, buy a book or two from us.

I love it when a plan comes together,