…is  filmmaker and he recently posted a couple of new short films online.

The first is a beautiful short called “Never Summer” and is a look the highest snowfall New England had seen in years.  News reports were calling it a disaster.  This is how James saw it.

The second film is probably my favorite thing I’ve seen in weeks.  It’s called “Late Nite Dittos” and it’s what happens when photo nerds and exceptionally fun people get together for the evening.  It’s a really fun little video that makes excellent usage out of the Matt& Kim song, “Daylight”, and — even though I’ve only discovered it this morning — I’m pretty sure I’ve watched it at least half a dozen times already.  (James is the guy wearing the blue T-shirt at the beginning of the video.)

Once you’re done watching these, go subscribe to James’ youTube channel.

Dude’s gonna direct the Punch-Up movie someday…