Hey kids,

As a few of you may know, I recently built a website for my upcoming Punch-Up webcomic.  More details on the webcomic later.  I promise.

Anyway, so I’ve built a few pages on the site — About, Cast, Creators, etc. — but I’ve only posted one comic test page, the cover, just to see what the comic will look like on screen.  Given that the site hasn’t officially gone live yet, I was amazed that it’s gotten any traffic, let alone comments.

But a few days ago, I was blessed with this thoughtful comment from my latest reader, viagra online bestellen:

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You know, you people may think I’m jaded and that I’m only doing this job for the fame and the money and the chicks, but — honestly — it’s the moving words of dedicated readers like viagra online bestellen that makes it all worth while.

So thank you, dear readers.  Thank you.