…I posted the farewell email I sent out to my coworkers at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.  Since then, I have gotten TONS of replies.

And so now I give you The Top Three Best Replies:

3. From my friend Cindi: Maybe no one else will but I’ll miss you!!!

2. From my friend Jamil: And THAT’s the way you walk off a stage, Ladies & Germs.  Bravo Frankie!

And the Number One Best Reply comes from my friend, Keith — Ah, Keith.  The stories I could tell about THAT guy! — who wrote:

The Library without Frank Cvetkovic is like an ally cat without fleas. Wait, no, that’s no good. The Library without Frank Cvetkovic is like a diamond in a sand clock. No, that does not make any sense. A Frank Cetkovicless Library is akin to a forest fire at sea.
I’m not making any sense. I am distraught. Not about you leaving, I got other stuff going on.
Anyway, best of luck to you
And there you have it, folks.  The Top Three Replies to my farewell email to CML.

As I write this, I am literally one hour away from unemployment.