Hey kids,

So this past weekend’s Mid-Ohio Con was pretty fun!

I met a lot of cool folks, saw some old friends, networked with a few really talented artists and – hopefully – might get to work with a couple of them sometime in the future on some really cool projects.

Sales weren’t quite what I had hoped for, but the people who did buy my books had nothing but nice things to say about them.  I even had one guy who told me that he had bought my book at a shop in Cleveland and was excited when he saw my name in the Creator’s Common list.

I’ve already learned from my mistakes and shortcomings, as this con season comes to a close, and am already planning and making necessary changes for next season.  You guys just wait!  I’ve got some good stuff in store for ya!  Next year is going to be HUGE!

Thanks to everyone who came out, bought a book, or just stopped by the table to say hi!  And I hope to see you all next year!