Hey kids,

I got some exciting news to share with you today!

My good friend, Tom McKenzie – also known as @TWM71 – wrote an amazing futuristic sci-fi novel, called KnoWare Man.

KnoWare Man is the story of Walton Leese, who lives a life of bored luxury (“tits and speedboats,”) until the moment he pays the price for breaking the cardinal rule: You Can’t Take It With You.

He awakens from a century and a half of frozen horror to a world he no longer recognizes, and no longer recognizes himself. Employed by an organization who wishes to remain nameless, he’s forced by threat of violent death to chip quietly away the thin veneer of civility that keeps his fellow man from behaving like animals until finally he can take it no more…

Unfortunately, he’s just getting started.”

I’m very happy to say that, after ten years of writing, six computers, five drafts, four states, and two operating systems, Tom has finally published KnoWare Man through Lulu.com!

I’m pretty proud that KnoWare Man is finally being release. As Tom’s unofficial editor, I’ve read the book at least a dozen times, each pass better than the last. Not only that, but Tom also – somewhat foolishly – asked me to design the wraparound book cover. Yikes! It took a lot of time and a lot of drafts, but I think we came up with a great design. (Check back here in a few days and I’ll share my process to designing the cover.)

More than that, though, I’m proud to say that one of my best friends has met one of his lifelong dreams and published his first novel. Good on ya, Tom.

So go ahead and pick up your copy of KnoWare Man at Lulu.com and, when you’re done reading it, head on over to Tom’s blog or hit him up on Twitter and let him know how much you liked it.

Can’t wait to pick up my copy,