Hello boys and girls,

I’m afraid I have some bad news to share with you today.  Or good news, I suppose, depending on your personal opinions of myself.

In less than two and a half months – around Thanksgiving – I will be moving from my apartment here in Columbus, OH to a house in my hometown of Euclid, OH, just outside of Cleveland.

This has been a decision I’ve wrestled with all year and – after weighing and reweighing all of my options – I keep coming up with Cleveland as my answer.

Over the past several years, most of my close friends have either moved out of Columbus, out of Ohio, and even the United States itself.  And, aside from a few friends and acquaintances – all of whom I love dearly – and a job I’ve held and thoroughly enjoyed for the past nine years, without my core group of friends, this city just doesn’t feel like home anymore.

Which is a shame because, over the ten years I’ve lived here, Columbus has been the place I felt the most at home.

To be honest with you, after the first of my friends departed, I started thinking about moving to a new city, too.  But no matter where I thought about going – Chicago, Milwaukee, or Portland – I still couldn’t afford to blindly move there without a job or apartment already lined up.

Which is where Cleveland came in.

As some of you may know, my grandfather died earlier this year.  Well, his house has remained in our family, although vacant.  And, in approximately seventy days, I’ll be moving into his house.  It’s an opportunity I can’t pass up. 

I’ll have a house, an entire house, to myself.  And a backyard for the pup.  A garden.  An attached garage.  A home office.  A guestroom.  Two kitchens (’cause, y’know, Italians like to cook).  A basement.  A party room in the basement.  A bar in the party room in the basement.  A full bar in the party room in the basement.  And the taxes, insurance, and utilities I’ll be paying on the house are still less than what I’m paying for rent every month right now.

Of course, there are a few cons to the move.

Like moving a hundred and fifty miles away from Columbus.  Like moving within a five mile radius of my parents.  Living in an entire house means having an entire house to clean and keep clean.  Yardwork.  *shudder*  Having to find a new job.

Y’know, when I moved out of Cleveland ten years ago, I never really thought I’d move back.  But, it’s like that old saying, “You have to leave to come back.”  Which I always thought was one of those bullshit common sense things.  Like, “If you jump in a lake, you’ll get wet,” or “Don’t touch the stove, ’cause…”  You get the idea.  Of course you have to leave to come back.  You can’t come back if you’re already there.

But I digress…

This may be goodbye, but not for too long.

I still have many beloved friends in Columbus – and there are a couple of comic conventions in the area – that’ll bring me back a few times a year.

And, if any of my Columbus friends happen to be in the Cleveland area, my door is always open.  Unless it’s closed, and then you knock.  Better yet, just call ahead and let me know you’re comin’ up.  Might be a little awkward if you just show up on my doorstep outta the blue like that.

Movin’ on up, to the Northeast Ohio side,