Hey kids,

So my Punch-Up artist — The Amazing David Brame — started drawing a few of his friends as zombies and, when he asked recently if anyone else wanted to be drawn as a zombie, I told him hells yeah!

World, I give you Frank and Zombie Frank:

Anyway, on his deviantART page yesterday, he wrote:

So since I’m having soooooo much fun drawing Zombies I’ve decided to do a book of zombie pinups/portraits. It’s going to be full color and big (I’m thinking 11×17 spiral bound) I’m going to try to produce 40 of them (which makes for an 80pg book) And I will have it available at cons this year.

so I need people to contribute pictures.

What you get – a free zombification portrait

What I get – real people and practice…

note me, message me, or email me at komik.munky@gmail.com

…swickity swick


So if you’ve ever fantasized about being a zombie, do not — I repeat, DO NOT — confront one in hopes of being bitten and turned.  Just contact the talented Mr. Brame at the above email.

Tell ‘im Frank sent you and he’ll hook you up with some free brains.