Hey kids!

So I’ve been finding myself on the book shelf more and more lately.

No, I haven’t had any of my books published — yet — but I do seem to be on multiple book covers.  Or, rather, someone who looks like me.

For the past year, I’ve been teased — rightfully so, I might add — about a teen book by Josh Lieb, called I’m a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your Class President, mostly because A) the kid on the front cover — at least from the nose down — looks exactly like I did at that age: fat, nerdy, pissed off, and ready to take over the world;  and 2) I mean, read that title.  Isn’t that something you’d expect to hear from me?

Anyway, walking through Barnes & Noble the other day, I came across another book that took the Frank look-alike concept to an entirely creepy level.

Written and drawn by Japanese Manga artist Shunju Aono, I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow is the story Shizuo Oguro, a 40-year old complete waste of a human life who breaks free from the corporate rat race and charts himself a fairly random and new career course: to become a published manga artist. Sure, he lacks the talent, discipline, or any other skill necessary to become a success in the manga industry—but that’s not enough to stop Shizuo!

First of all: chills.

OK, sure, I may not be 40 yet — still got a good dozen years or so before reaching the peak of that hill — but, a dude who who fails at everything and then decides that — out of the blue — he’s just going to be a comic book creator… and is destined to fail at that, too?

God, who does that sound like?

“Hey,” you say.  “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Frank.  You’re nothing like that.  That guy could be anyone.”

And, to you, I say: “Oh, yeah?  Well, check out the cover of I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow!”

It’s fat, ugly, lazy, Japanese ME!!!

Don’t believe me?  Here’s further proof.

I, too, want to make comics:

Most of my work is autobiographical (Yes, even the one with the gay space pirate.  Especially the one with the gay space pirate…):

And have been rejected numerous times:

I sweat a lot, for no reason whatsoever:

And I often sit at home, drinking beers in my underwear:

Good God, I think the Japanese are spying on me!

Cree.  Pee.

Giving it my all… today, so the Japanese don’t finish writing my life story before I do.