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died this morning at age 70.

Y’know, usually when a celeb or someone even remotely famous dies, my good friend Justin Shady writes up a quick obituary-styled blog with a picture or youTube video of that person.

But I felt the need to say something about ol’ Harv.

Harvey Pekar’s life wasn’t an open book. It was an open comic book. He — along with the several talented comic artists he worked with — chronicled the unamazing adventures of… well, his own life.

Harvey made everyday tasks feel important and interesting; whether it was the random thoughts that popped into he head as he walked down to the corner store for milk and bread, his job as a “flunky file clerk”, his love of old jazz records, his hatred of… well, most things… or his own battle against lymphatic cancer.

Not to mention that grumpy ol’ Harv was a major influence on myself.

I had grown up with a love for comic books and always wanted to create my own. I read just about every superhero book out there, but never felt like they were something I would like to write. It was Pekar’s autobiographical series American Splendor that I felt like it was OK to make my own comics my way.

A few years ago, a good friend of mine sent me an original copy of an American Splendor. Think I’ll go home tonight and reread it and then go work on some of my own comics.

So long, Harv. You’re gonna be missed.

“Comics are words and pictures. You can do anything with words and pictures.” — Harvey Pekar


…showed me this at work today and it has seriously been the best part of my day.

“And when I’m alone, I [bleep] myself.”