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Hey Kids,

Long time no blog, I know. 

Unfortunately, I still don’t have any new work I can show you just yet, although, I am hard at work trying to get new work completed.  And — aside from two rejection emails in the ol’ inbox this morning, one for Punch-Up from a publisher who already turned us down & another from McSweeney’s — I don’t really have any news regarding publishing.

So, until I do have something new to share with you kids, here’s an awesome short film I found this morning, called “At At Day Afternoon.”



… but this is just fucking AWESOME!

I ain’t afraid of no improv troupe!


…sort of:

Gonna leave ya woman.  Buh-byeeeeeee.  Buh-BYEEEEEEE.


struck by lightning and burned to the ground.

This after the decision to give the big guy a facelift only days prior.  Sources say they will rebuild him… in three days…

Second-hand Jesus?


…is one of my favorite artists.  Seriously, this kid can do no wrong.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I purchased some painted vinyl from him.  It finally arrived in the mail on Tuesday and I immediately hung it up on my wall!  Check it out:

The awesome thing about dwell, is that he can’t keep his hands off the crayons.  So, when you buy something from him, even the packaging he mails your stuff in becomes art itself.  Like so:

And, in since dwell and I are pretty good friends — we’ve known each other for, Christ!, almost ten years now — he always throws in a little something extra for me, like a little mini painting or some sketches.  This time, he sent me his latest mixed CD.

I love new dwellephant art.  I have more of his work hanging on my walls than any other artist.  If you’d like to pick up your own dwellephant art work, you can find him on his website, his blog, his Etsy shop, become a fan of his on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter.

Huh.  As it turns out, pimpin’ is actually pretty easy,

…makes these awesome little custom sculptures out of resin toys.  He does more that just painting them and attaching them to wooden bases.  He incorporates a whole feel for the world they live in. Whether it’s for trees or for monolithic creatures.  Each one has a special place to live, so when you look at the piece, it’s apart of a world rather than next to another toy on a shelf.  Each piece feels full and complete.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I purchased my first sculpture from Troy.  It’s called Raffia and it is amazing.  Check it out:

Pretty sweet, huh?

If you would like to purchase your own awesome resin toy sculpture — or commission Troy to make one specifically for you — you can find him on his website, BigCartel, deviantART, become a fan on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy,

…for my friends Emily and Jamil, a few months ago.  I couldn’t post them until now, for fear of wedding crashers crashing their wedding.

By the power of Greyskull, those two got themselves hitched this past Sunday, May 30th.  So, now that the wedding is over, I can share with you my designs.

Emily and Jamil had a music-themed wedding, complete with old 45s  and album covers as center pieces and place settings, and wanted their announcements to look like an old ’60s-’70s psychodelic concert poster.  I took their idea, modernized it a bit, and tried to throw in some wedding accents.  I was pretty worried that they weren’t going to like the version I came up with but they loved it right away and, after a few minor tweaks, we were finished.

This is what I came up with for the wedding announcement:

And for their RSVP card:

They told me that they’ve gotten a lot complements on the announcements and even a few people who RSVP’ed by phone because they like the announcements so much they didn’t want to return them!  And, at the wedding, I was known as the “guy who did the invites” and may possibly get a design job ot two out of the deal.  I honestly didn’t expect this kind of fanatical feedback.

But enough about me.

Emily, Jamil: Congratulations, again.  I’m happy for you.  I’m proud of you.  I miss you (yeah, already.).  And I love you guys.  Have a safe trip and come back soon.

One is the loneliest number,

Right here:


…something BIG may potentially happen.

Can’t go into too much detail just yet but — if it does happen — it will be the end of a very small era.  Details later.

Vague enough for ya?