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Hey kids,

Last week, I made the announcement that you could purchase my comic — Punch-Up — online through the website

Well, I just found out today that my mother comic — Skottie Rocket, Gay Space Pirate — was also added to IndyPlanet’s online catalog!

You can find Punch-Up here and Skottie Rocket here.  (Both books written by me and drawn by The Amazing David Brame.)

OR, if you kids would like to cut out the middleman and just buy your comics straight from me, I’ll be putting up a BUY COMICS page with a PayPal button on the blog soon.

So if you like me — or if you like comics — tell a friend.  Tell ALL your friends.  Tell complete strangers

I will.


…mailed me two sandwich-sized Ziplock baggies full tasty and delicious homemade granola bits.  They arrived yesterday and half of the first baggy served me well as this morning’s breakfast.

Aside from being an awesome cook, Abby is also an amazing quilter.  She made the first piece of Punch-Up fan art ever.  And she an I are also working on a quilt-based children’s picture book, call Icarus.  You can also find the bulk of her quilt listed on her website.

Alright, Abby.  You got your free advertising.  Now send me some more granola!

…of Geekshow Entertainment, called Punch-Up and Skottie Rocket, Gay Space Pirate the “most fun I’ve gotten from $5 in a long time! Awesomesauce!

Awesomesauce indeed, Scott.  Thanks for reading!

…was pretty gosh-darned amazing!

For those who don’t know, Summit City Comic Con is a one-day first-year con that took place in beautiful downtown Fort Wayne, IN this past Saturday.

Unfortunately, I was at my table for most of the day and didn’t get to really walk around to experience any of the panels or special activities offered, so I’ll just tell you about my own experiences while at SCCC.

First of all, the artist alley tables were free and – according to Zack Kruse, the man behind the con – will always be free for comic book writers and artists. He told me that the point of the con is to help comic creators make money and get their work out to the public, not hope they break even. He even had volunteers walking around, about every hour or so, offering up free snacks and drinks to artists and writers. I’ve never been treated like that at a convention.

The convention was also more kid-friendly than any other con I’ve been to, which was a refreshing change of pace. It was pretty inspiring to see kids running around everywhere with comics in their hands. I just wish I had known this going in, so I could have prepared a little better. Punch-Up and Skottie Rocket, Gay Space Pirate aren’t exactly kid-friendly comics, y’know?

[Note: Between his kid’s comic – Missing The Boat – and his awesome drawings and painting, my friend dwellephant would have made a killing at a con like this. He should definite consider attending this convention next year.]

I did get to network a bit and got my books into the hands of some of the professional comic creators at the show. I talked with a few people about possible future collaborations, put my books into the hands of a talented podcaster for review, and… AND… I was able to get about half a dozen comic pros – including an Eisner award-winning artist or two – to agree to draw Punch-Up pinups for the back of my graphic novel!

I was also invited to two other comic book conventions in Indiana – one in Kokomo, IN and the other in Lafayette, IN – and might try to add them to my already busy fall con schedule.

SCCC was also my best con so far, as far as sales are concerned. While I love S.P.A.C.E., it has always been more of a trade show for me. I’ve always given away or traded with other comic creators than I would actually sell. Going into SCCC, I made a conscious decision to avoid falling into that trap again.

By the end of the day, I had sold close to twenty books and made almost fifty dollars. I realize that – for most comic creators, especially the pros – this is on the low end, but it’s the most I’ve ever made off of my work. So that was pretty exciting.

What surprised me about my sales was that I had sold about equal copies of Punch-Up and Skottie Rocket, Gay Space Pirate. I definitely went in there expecting to sell more of one than the other and was pleasantly surprised when I was proven wrong.

Hand down, though, my favorite part of the convention was whenever any of the several gay comic fans walking around would stop at my table, pick up a copy of Skottie Rocket and say to their partner, “OMG! There is a comic with a gay lead character! Oh, sweetie, we have to pick this one up!” This happened almost every time. I actually ended up “donating” a copy of Skottie Rocket to one young man who was excited about having a gay comic character to read about, but didn’t have any money. He was so excited when I gave him a copy of the book, I thought he was going to explode.

This made me pretty happy. I was so worried that Skottie Rocket wouldn’t do well in the gay community. I didn’t want anyone thinking – since I am a straight man writing about a fairly scatter-brained gay character – that I was making fun of the gay community. All of my gay friends who read the book loved it, but I was nervous about what those who didn’t know me would think.

Imagine my relief – and pride – when people weren’t just excited about Skottie Rocket, but almost ravenous.

All in all, the Summit City Comic Con turned out to be an amazing experience and could easily be one of my favorite conventions of the year.

And I can’t wait to go back next year.

Hey kids,

BIG news!

Thanks to the wonders of science and the good people at Ka-Blam and IndyPlanet, you can now buy copies of my comic book – Punch-Up – online!

Wait.  I’m not sure you fully grasped that concept.  Let me say it slower and in capital letters.

YOU.  That’s right, YOU.  CAN.  BUY.  PUNCH-UP.  ON.  FRICKIN’.  LINE.

Yeah.  That’s right.  ONLINE!

You can sit there, in your comfy pajamas, in your comfy desk chair, order Punch-Up on your computer, and have it sent RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!  You don’t even have to put on pants to do this!

Punch-Up is forty pages of beautifully drawn artwork by The Amazing David Brame and written by your truly, about a young man named Patrick who gets beaten up for a living.

Doesn’t that sound like a hoot and a half?

So if your local comic shop doesn’t carry Punch-Up or if you can’t make it out to see me at a comic convention, don’t panic!  DO!  NOT!  PANIC!

Just hop on over to Indyplanet – and look at that, I even provided a direct link for you! – and pick up your copy of Punch-Up today!

ALSO FOR SALE ONLINE COMING SOON: Skottie Rocket, Gay Space Pirate.

And, if you kids would like to cut out the middleman and just buy your comics straight from me, I’ll be putting up a comics section with a PayPal button on the blog soon.

Tell a friend.  Tell ALL your friends.  Tell complete strangers.  I will.

God, I’m such a whore.

Hey kids,

So, technically, my con season started a few weeks ago with S.P.A.C.E., but I held off on posting where I’ll be for the rest of the year because… well, at the time, I wasn’t sure which comic conventions I’d be attending.

I’ve decided that, this year, I’m going to do three con appearances – not including S.P.A.C.E. – because… well, that’s all I can afford to do at this time.  Mothereffers are broke, y’hear?

May 22, 2010:  I’ll be at the Summit City Comic Con in Fort Wayne, IN.  I’ll have copies of both Punch-Up and Skottie Rocket, Gay Space Pirate with me for sale.  I’ll even have some of the con-exclusive Skottie Rocket posters for sale, as well.  So, if you’re from Fort Wayne or live somewhere in the Indiana-Ohio-Illinois-Wisconsin area, stop on by for this ONE DAY SHOW THIS WEEKEND!!! 

September 11, 2010:  I’ll be at the Champion City Comic Con in Springfield, OH.  More details on this convention later.  ANOTHER ONE DAY SHOW!!!

November 6-7, 2010:  I’ll be at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con in Columbus, OH.  More details on this convention later.

Now, this isn’t to say that I won’t be doing any other conventions this year – I may be invited or notified of another nearby/cheap show at some point in the future – but you will definitely find me at these shows.

Keep your eyes and ears hear for more comic-related announcements – and my usual B.S. – later this week.

I got my mind on my comics and my comics on my mind.

…I posted a couple of commercials for Amazon’s  Kindle, two of the most well made commercials in the past few years, in my humble opinion.

A few days ago, I saw a new commercial for AT&T that paired happy child-like drawing — that really reminded me of my friend dwellephant’s work —  with the song, “Pure Imagination”, from the Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory soundtrack.  It really seemed to strike a chord.

Here’s hoping more advertisements travel down this road.

(I promise more comics-related postings next week.)

When The Muppet Movie first came out on DVD, it had a couple of AWESOME special features; my favorite being the 1979 camera tests they shot before shooting the actual movie scenes.  It was just Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jim Frawley and a few others screwing around with their Muppets, making jokes and each other.  Even when they weren’t technically shooting for the film, those guys were still more talented and hilarious than I could ever dream of being.

Of course, when I actually went to go buy The Muppet Movie on DVD, they had just come out with the Kermit’s 50th anniversary collections of all the Muppet movies, none of which had these camera tests on them.  Made me kind of sad.  So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across them on youTube.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Just makes me miss Jim Henson even more.

You have a wire on your arm,

…but I am in LOVE with these commercials for Amazon’s Kindle.

They remind me of Michel Gondry, one of my favorite directors.

They stole my heart and I’m going to steal yours, too,

…would have been my grandfather’s 87th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Pop Pop.  You were one cool mothereffer.

And I miss you.