Hey kids,

As some of my readers may know, I was born and raised in the Cleveland, OH area – specifically, a suburb called Euclid – and, when I turned 18 years old, I escaped and ran 150 miles south to Columbus, OH, where I’ve lived for the past ten years.

I usually make it back home once every month or two but, since I’m not home all that often, I usually spend that time with family stuff.

Well, ever since my grandfather died, I’ve been traveling back and forth between Columbus and Cleveland pretty often and, the way it’s looking, I’ll be up in The Land of Cleve quite a bit over the summer, too.

Which is why I’m writing to you today.

Seeing as I’ll be spending most of my summer weekends up North – and there’s only so much time I can spend with the folks – I need my Cleveland peeps to help me out a bit.  Where do you kids hang out these days?  Which bars should I frequent?  Which restaurants should eat at?  What’s the art scene like in Cleveland?  Any comic nerds out there I can hook up with?

Convince me.  Sway me.  Tell me that hanging out in Cleveland isn’t going to be as bad as I think it’s going to be.

I eagerly await your testimonies.

Fun times in Cleveland again,