Hey kids,

I’ve always considered my talented friend Dwellephant to be the kid with the magic crayons and now he’s using them crayons to make some awesome infant and toddler T-shirts!

I’m feeling kinda lazy, so I’ll let Dwell tell ya about it:

I, dwellephant, have finally entered the world of fashion thanks to my good friends at Heavy Rotation (a.k.a., The Michael Jordan of Apparel). Their Spring 2010 recently debuted online, and among the latest batch of awesome styles sit a handful of pieces created by yours truly. Fire up those credit cards, while I introduce you to the coolest of the cool:

1. AWESOME PIRATE TEE – Better teeth than Captain Jack Sparrow! (Available in Toddler AND Infant)

2. LEMON MIRANDA DRESS THING – My citrus tribute to Carmen Miranda!

3. FAIRY CUPCAKE ROMPER – Because Fairy Godmother’s are so played out!

4. ICE CREAM LOVE TEE – Sherbet your life! (Available in Toddler AND Infant)

5. LOVESICLE GIRLS’ TEE – Don’t break ’em up!

Can you really deprive America’s future of this screen-printed magic? No. I didn’t think so. And when you’re done ordering stuff I made, check out the awesome stuff OTHER folks made. Just click here to do it. And when you order, don’t forget to let ’em know dwellephant sent you!

So if you have kids, know someone who has kids, or spend a suspicious amount of time walking past schoolyards*, pick up an awesome Dwellephant-drawn T-shirt for your little ankle-biters today!

Or tomorrow.  Whenever.  I’m not you’re boss.

The Pirate one is my favorite.  I wonder if they make ’em in extra Extra EXTRA Fat Ass sizes…