Hey kids,

Been a while, huh?  Sorry ’bout that.  My time has been pretty much consumed by scripts lately that I have had much or much time to blog.

Anyway, came across this image a few days ago and that I’d post it up here and share with the rest of the class.  This is the cover to Big Bear’s 1998 rap album, Doin Thangs.   Pretty snazzy, no?

Like I said, I came across this image a few days ago and it kind of reminded me of another album cover.  A few years back, my friends — Michael and David — created album cover for their fake hip-hop duo, Team Dike (David + Mike = Dike), called I Needs Mo Money!

Granted, Michael and David did this just for the hell of it — they don’t rap, they don’t have an album or record deal — but, for some reason, I kinda take their album cover a little more seriously than I could Big Bear’s.

Either way, both are pretty friggin’ sweet!