Hey kids,

How were your holidays?  Did you have a decent a) Christmas, b) Kwanzaa, c) Hanukkah, d) day off of work?  Hope so.

Mine was pretty god-damned great.

Until today.  Today sucked like ten-dollar whore operating a Hoover in a black hole during a My Two Dads marathon.

Which is quite a bit, in the grand scheme of things.

I was going to write out a long and carefully thought out memoir chronicling the day’s potentially tragic and somber events — To sum up: I thought I lost my grandfather, but it turns out he was merely misplaced. — but this day has worn me out completely.  I expelled all of my tears and heartache over the course of the day and I don’t think I could relive it just yet.

Although, when I can — shit! — do I have story to tell… er, write.

Instead, I want to focus my energies tonight on joy and happiness, something to lift the spirits on an otherwise gloomy day.

That said, here is a picture of my puppy — Chloe Godzilla Cvetkovic — in a Santa hat: