Hey Kids,

My fate, that is.  Wonder is that’s what Stevie was singin’ about, as he bounced happily back and forth…

So today’s kind of a big day.

“Oh, I know!  A Thursday!  Sooo important!”

Alright, now.  No need to be snotty.

Today is a big day.  Today is the day that I mailed off the proposals for my first book to publishers.  So, yeah, big day.  Sometime early next week, Image, Dark Horse, and Top Shelf Comics will each receive a copy of the Punch-Up preview book as well as my proposal begging them to publish me. 

On their websites, most of the publishers say that they review proposals in about a month, although, I’ve been told by several comic writers and artists that it’s really about two to three months.  Hopefully, by the end of January, David – my Punch-Up collaborator – and I should know if we’re getting published or not.

God, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders only to be replaced by a heavier one.  Proposals have been mailed off.  Now… we wait.


Picture 153

Remember, remember the fifth of November.