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Hey kids,

This is perhaps the nerdiest thing I’ve seen all day, but I love it.

I wish I could autotune everything I say,


Hey kids,

I know that this has become an internet phenomenon over the past few days and, yes, I know, that I also had Shady post this same video on his blog a few days ago, but – screw it – it’s my blog and I’ll post gratuitous Muppet videos if I want to.

The first one is a cover of Habanera, featuring The Swedish Chef, Beaker, And Animal.

Next, ups is Beaker’s Ode To Joy.

Then, Gonzo with Classical Chickens.

The Swedish Chef Carven Der Pumpkin!

And, the best of them all, The Muppets sing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody!  (Animal calling “Momma” over and over again is my favorite part!)

God, I miss The Muppet Show!


Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the Frankdango ?

Hey kids,

After two days of prep and cooking – I woke up at, like three thirty in the AM both days to make apple stuffing, cheesy potatoes, salad, cornbread, Waldorf salad, chocolate cake, a lemon meringue pie, two double-layer pumpkin pies, Italian wedding soup with teeny tiny meatballs, and two big ol’ turkey breasts – today, we feasted.

Hope your Thanksgiving turned out as awesome as mine.

Thankful for a week’s worth of leftover turkey sammiches,


…is the greatest goddamned thing I’ve read all day (y’know, that wasn’t written by TWM, Shady, Darby, or Dwell.)


Becoming more and more like Shady every day.  *Shudder*


Hey kids,

So it happened yesterday, er, rather last Tuesday – I only received the email yesterday, as I was out with the plague all last week.

I came back to work yesterday, logged on to my email account, and found a new message in my inbox from one of the publishers I had sent my book proposal to.  Considering I sent mailed the proposals out about two weeks ago, I was fairly certain that this was not good news.

Turns out, the email was from Chris Staros from Top Shelf Productions.  Top Shelf  wasn’t one of the publishers whose catalog I thought Punch-Up fit in with one hundred percent, but I’ve always respected and admired them and had to take the chance.

I can’t post Top Shelf’s rejection letter here – it strictly says at the top of the email NOT FOR PUBLICATION OR POSTING – but I can say this:  It was my first ever rejection letter and, I gotta say, it was probably the nicest rejection letters I will ever receive.

First of all, it didn’t read like the standard strictly formal and impersonal rejection letters I expected to receive.  I’m fairly certain that it was actually written specifically for me and didn’t just have my name and book title copy/pasted into a stock message.  Staros mentioned that – while he didn’t think the book was right for their catalog – he did enjoy reading it and encouraged me to look into Xeric Grants, self-publishing, and making more “cool mini-comics out of the story” if I couldn’t find a publisher to pick up the book.

I wasn’t expecting my first rejection letter to be so pleasant and supportive.  (Incidentally, the letter is now framed and hanging on my wall.)

After I got out of work last night, I headed over to the grocery store and bought myself a bottle of champagne.  It’s sitting in the back of my refrigerator right now with a Post-It note on it that reads: For when Punch-Up is picked up by a publisher.

Hopefully, we’ll get to drink it soon.

Y’know, I should start making girls at the bar write rejection letters to me from now on instead of just the usual cliched slap in the face.


Comments are always welcome.

The Mgmt.

Hey kids,

I want to start the first-ever Anti-Social Networking Website.  Everyone will have a profile page, but no one will talk to anyone else.

It will be wildly unpopular.


Friend request: denied.


Hey kids,

I need your opinions.

So, even though I have dated or been in a relationship for longer than one would usually care to admit – and have no desire to start dating again – I’ve been wondering something.

Would it be completely wrong to try and pick up girls in a bar or go on a date – or even try something like speed dating – purely for the writing material?


Hey kids,

Yeah, I know.  “Me again.”

Anyway, I was a little bored this morning – you know, after I mailed my book proposals off to publishers! – so, when I got home, I popped on a movie (The Taking of Pelham 123 – horrible movie, BTW, but it was free, so…) and screwed around with Photoshop and Illustrator for a bit.

Decided to make a quick promo piece for Punch-Up and ended up with this coupon.

Punch-Up Coupon Small

Clip and save, mothereffers.


PS — The art in the coupon was the original cover for Punch-Up, drawn by the Amazing David Brame!

Hey Kids,

My fate, that is.  Wonder is that’s what Stevie was singin’ about, as he bounced happily back and forth…

So today’s kind of a big day.

“Oh, I know!  A Thursday!  Sooo important!”

Alright, now.  No need to be snotty.

Today is a big day.  Today is the day that I mailed off the proposals for my first book to publishers.  So, yeah, big day.  Sometime early next week, Image, Dark Horse, and Top Shelf Comics will each receive a copy of the Punch-Up preview book as well as my proposal begging them to publish me. 

On their websites, most of the publishers say that they review proposals in about a month, although, I’ve been told by several comic writers and artists that it’s really about two to three months.  Hopefully, by the end of January, David – my Punch-Up collaborator – and I should know if we’re getting published or not.

God, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders only to be replaced by a heavier one.  Proposals have been mailed off.  Now… we wait.


Picture 153

Remember, remember the fifth of November.