Hey kids,

So over the past week, as most of you are well aware, the news media has been completely over-saturated with stories about the Balloon Boy and his incredibly Munchausen-by-proxy family. I mean, there were already Balloon Boy T-shirts printing up the very next day.

I don’t really want to extend the Heene Family’s fifteen minutes of infamy any longer, but I thought I would have a little fun with the story before it – hopefully – dies.

(Plus, I thought my friend, Justin Shady, would have had his say on the events already but that is apparently not the case.)

A few days ago I was quite board and needed a quick and easy project to work on that wasn’t writing or editing a script, so I hopped on Google Image, snagged a couple of photos and threw them through the Photoshop wringer.

Granted, this was a fairly quick job and, had I wanted to waste any more time looking at these lunatics’ faces, it probably would have come out a little better, but I give you the complete first season DVD cover of Balloon Boy.

Hope ya dig. Either way, it’s been a week; let’s throw Richard Heene in jail and fine the hell out of his family and forget this incident ever happened.

I did it for the blog,