Hey kids,

I’ve just got a quick question for you guys.

As most of you know, I’ve written an Original Graphic Novel, called Punch-Up. We – my artist, David Brame and I – are getting severely close to pitching the book to publishers and there’s been something nagging me about our book.

From the beginning, as a professional music appreciator, I wanted to include a soundtrack with the book. As I wrote the script, I would arrange which songs would accompany the scenes I was writing. It was almost instinctual, you know, to use music to perfectly compliment the emotion I was trying to get across. I wrote the script more like a movie script than a comic book script so, I guess, it was only natural to include a soundtrack.

Now, soundtracks have been used several different ways in the comics industry.

Craig Thompson sold CDs of an original score along with his epic comic autobiography, Blankets. Chynna Clugston included little black caption boxes in the page corners of her series, Blue Monday, with the song title and artist’s name in white letters. Jim Mahfood listed several artists, songs, and albums that could be played while reading his work right on the title page of his story, to be played in any way you saw fit. Corey S. Lewis dedicated a page at the end of his book, Sharknife, as a list of songs and at which pages numbers they should be played. B. Clay Moore lists the songs he listed to while writing – or thought would sound good with his work – on his blog.

I’ve always planned on going the Blue Monday route, dropping the songs in on the pages or scenes they should be played at, but now I’m not so sure.

Do you think it would be distracting to the story, to have a caption box every couple pages devoted to the soundtrack? Would you rather have the complete track listing on a separate page or blog? Or do you think that it’s stupid to even include a soundtrack and just let people listen to what they want while reading?

Let me know what you think. I want your opinions.

Music is my hot hot sex.