Hey Kids,

Exciting news! Yesterday, I received not one — not 46 — but THREE cover design options from my Negro Amigo — and Punch-Up artist — the Amazing David Brame!

I’ll go into more detail on the state of the book in another blog pretty soon but, for now, I need your help.

Take a look at the three cover designs below and tell me which color set you like. you can shout out 1, 2, 0r 3 — Although, I’d rather you type your response in a comment below. I’m not entirely sure I’d be able to hear you if you just shouted. We live kinda far apart, y’know? — or say “the blue one”, “the red one”, or “the black one”.

Ooh. That sounded vaguely racist.

Point is, I’m a bright lad and I’ll figure it out.

Take a look at ’em and BE SURE TO COMMENT ON WHICH ONE YOU LIKE. I like comments. I’m secretly a narcissist and like when people say my name and stroke my ego.

Need extra incentive? If you vote on which cover you like, next time I see you in person, I’ll give you an extra long, uncomfortable hug.



Or 3:

Seen them all? Good. Now, you see that little button below that says “Post a comment”? Go ahead and hit that and, in the big white box, type in which cover color set you liked the most. Didja do it? Good.

That’s right obey my every command. Muah ha ha ha ha!


I mean, um, thanks.