Hey Kids,

On Tuesday, I found out that my good friend and Punch-Up co-conspirator, Amazing David Brame, was going to draw up some Chibis for the back of the Punch-Up ashcan books!

Then, after a quick Google search, I found out what exactly a Chibi was!

Anyway, the first up is Patrick, the main character of the story. Patrick, as you can see, takes quite a few hits to the face throughout the book.

Next, there’s Andy, Patrick’s roommate and best friend. Andy, his looks based off of Amazing David himself — minus the dreads, of course — is apparently a big fan of the booze… like Amazing David himself!

And then there’s Kendra. Mmm… Kendra. For those who came to see us at S.P.A.C.E. or have read through the 25-page Punch-Up preview, you guys have no idea who the hell Kendra is. She doesn’t actually pop up until around page 40 of the book. But once her character is introduced, she radically changes the story and makes Patrick’s life a lot more interesting. I love writing Kendra. She’s probably my favorite character to write. She’s complete id. Any fucked up thing that I would love to say but can’t, due to society’s restrictions and rules, ends up coming out of Kendra’s mouth. I heart Kendra.

That’s all the Chibi goodness I have for you today. I’ll also be posting the cover to the Punch-Up ashcans in a bit, so stick around.

-Frank Cvetkovic