Hey Kids,

A few days ago, the Amazing David Brame and I showed you the process of making the cover for the Punch-Up ashcans. Today, I’m here to show you the final version!

Most of you — or at least those of you who read Monday’s post — have already see the front cover. Since then, I’ve cleaned it up a bit and added creator credits.

I created the back cover on Tuesday. I’ve always loved wraparound covers so I extended the background colors from the front. Then, Amazing David drew up some Punch-Up Chibis, which I resized and grouped together for the back cover, also adding in a “COMING SOON” warning.

Put it all together and you get this:

Hope you all enjoyed this little look into the building of a cover. I’ll have some updates next week on what exactly we’re going to be doing with these.

Hasta La Bye-Bye.
Frank Cvetkovic