Hey kids,

Just a quick update about some changes going on here at the blog due to the whole Brand Frank campaign.

First of all, the blog URL has changed. You will no longer find the blog at boomboomstormcloud.blogspot.com. So don’t even try looking there. I think the internet will explode or something if you do. You can now find Frank here at Go-Frank-Go.blogspot.com!

Also, the name of the blog itself has changed. As much as I liked The Storm Report, the name had to be changed along with the rest of it. The blog is now called Frankly Speaking. Get it? No? Well, I don’t have the time to explain it to you now.

You can also now find me on Twitter by my new screen name, GoFrankGo.

I’m also working on a new logo design, which I should – hopefully – have up here pretty soon.

And, lastly, feel free to email me at FrankCvetkovic@gmail.com.

Be sure to check back here in a few days for another important update!