Hey kids,

About a week ago, I posted that my friends Justin Shady and his Serbian monster Dwellaphant – or Shadyphant, as I like to call them (See? I told you I would totally bring that back.) – released an all-ages book from Image/Shadowline, called Missing The Boat.

Well, Shady’s at it again.

This past week, he – and superstar artist, Erik Rose – released a trade paperback collection of their two-issue miniseries, The Roberts.

The Roberts is the story of The Boston Strangler and The Zodiac Killer – both of whom were presumed dead and gone – who are both alive and well and actually living amongst the other elderly residents of The Shady Lane Retirement Center. Bored by the mundane goings-on of bingo tournaments and tea times, the two notorious serial killers trade “war stories” of their golden years building to – what Shady described to me once over a phone call as – a serial killer-off.

The trade includes both issues, plus a new four-page story, several awesome pin-ups from good friends of mine, and Justin’s letters to – and responses from – real-life serial killers Richard Ramirez (AKA The Night Stalker) and Charles Manson!

And did I mention that Erik inked the covers in his and Shady’s blood?

No? Well, he totally did.

And it looks amazing. Erik showed me the originals back in Wizard World Chicago in June of last year. Gawd damn.

Still not convinced? You can always read a preview of The Roberts here.

Anyway, go pick up The Roberts from your local comic shop or order it online at Amazon and be sure to let Justin and Erik know how much you liked their book.

Oh, and I think this goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: unlike Missing The Boat, The Roberts is not an all-ages book and is not suitable for younger readers.

Unless you want to give your seven-year-old bed-wetting night terrors for a few months, in which case, go for it.

Your friend (and part-time lover),

Boom Boom Storm Cloud