Hey kids!

I just wanted to write quick post about some very talented friends of mine: misters Justin Shady and Dwellaphant.

(Don’t believe me? That’s them, below. Justin’s the one flying away and Dwell is the surprised one-eyed Serbian monster. And that’s Mr. Fabulous smoking the pipe below them. Such a filthy, filthy habit.)


Shady and Dwellaphant – or Shadyphant, a nickname I’m going to try to get caught on – slaved for months over their new all-ages Image/Shadowline book, Missing The Boat. Well, to be honest, Dwellaphant probably slaved over the book for months; I’m guessing Shady wrote it in, like, half an hour and then spent the next several months playing Tetris on facebook and laughing at poor Dwell.

Either way, their (RE: Dwellaphant’s) hard work has finally been paid off. You wanna know why? Because the book just came out today!

I know, right?

Take a look at the sucker. Pretty sweet, huh? That is the power of Shadyphant.

So you’re probably thinking right now: “Oh, God. Here comes the catch.” Well, you know what? No catch. Unless, by catch, you mean I’m going to tell you to go out and buy it, in which case, yes, here comes the catch.

I would very much like it – and I’m pretty sure the Shadyphant would, too (See? It’s catching on already!) – if you went out to your local bookstore or comic book store and pick up a copy. If you don’t see a copy on the shelf, just ask your local bookstores sales clerk to special order you a copy. It’s usually free.

Or, if you’re lazy and don’t want to travel around the city, hop online and pick up a copy of Missing The Boat. I’ll even post a link to the Missing The Boat Amazon page. Boom! There it is. No excuses now.

Still not convinced? OK, how’s this: How much would you pay for a piece of fine art? $50? $100? $200? $500? $1000? Well, for only $18.99 you can get 80 pages of fine art. That’s even cheaper than the usual $19.95! That’s like $0.23 a page. On Amazon, it’s only $14.81! That’s like $0.18 a page!

Seriously, doesn’t that sound like a more than reasonable price for some fine, fine art?

Now I know what you gotta be askin’: Boomer, why are you whoring yourself out for these dudes? Well, I’m not. Not really.

Here’s the thing: Dwell is my Serbian brother and I only want good things for him. He’s a damn good artist and a hell of a guy. He’s put a lot of time and energy into his work and I want him to sell a lot of copies of his first book so he doesn’t feel discouraged when it comes time to illustrate one of my books. Heh heh heh. Also, I’m hoping he’ll whore himself out when Punch-Up comes out.

And Shady? Well, eff Shady. His greedy ass has already published three or four books and tens years worth of a magazine and he’s old and he’s bald and he farts a lot and he smells.

But I want good things for Dwell.

So go out and ask/tell/threaten* your local book seller that you want a copy of Shadyphant’s new book, Missing The Boat. You won’t regret it.

And if, by chance, you do regret it, you can always find Justin Shady at his website, his blog, his twitter account, and be sure to email him all other hate mail.

But be sure to shower my dude Dwellphant with some praise. You can find him at his website, blog, twitter account, and be sure to email him some love – and, by love, I mean your compliments and kudos only, nothing more; he’s a married man now.

I’ve already ordered my copy. Go get yours.

Your friend (and part-time lover),

Boom Boom Storm Cloud

PS – Alright, Shady, I plugged your damn book. Where’s my fifty bucks?

* Please, don’t threaten your local book seller.