Hey kids,

So the pup and I created this game that’s kind of like tag, except not exactly like tag. It’s called Gas Tag.

THE RULES OF GAS TAG: The game begins — usually after the pup has eaten a meal, although, the game’s play is not limited to just after dinnertime; Gas Tag can be played anywhere, at anytime. — when the pup sits on or near me, whenever she has horrid gas. I move from one couch to the other, to avoid said horrid gas. She, not wanting to sit alone, follows me with her horrid gas. I move to the chair. Again, she follows. Couch to couch, chair to chair, room to room: she follows. When we go for a car ride, we play the travel version; although, that one’s a little harder to play, since there’s nowhere to move away to.

There is no real winner or an end to the game, and the pup is always “it”.

It’s not a good game or even a fun game.

Hell, it isn’t really a game at all. Not really.

But it’s a hell of a lot easier to think of it in those parameters than the reality that I’m trapped in a fairly small apartment — with the windows and door locked up tight, since it’s so cold outside — with a little 24-hour methane gas factory.

Feel free to play Gas Tag with your gaseous pets or friends.

Your friend (and part-time lover)
Boom Boom Storm Cloud