Hey Kids,

When I started this blog, I decided to only use it as a “professional” blog, meaning that I was only going to use it for finished short stories, debuting new pages from my comic, talking about upcoming projects and so on. Annnnnnd…

That didn’t really happen.

Turns out, I was working too much on my scripts and not enough on other postable works and ended up not posting much at all.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I was going to stop using my MySpace and FaceBook pages – not shut them done, just stop using them for a while – where I had my everyday I’m-gonna-bitch-about-my-private-life-talk-about-my-job-and-generally-make-sarcastic-remarks-and-make-fun-of-people blog.

Anyway, I’ve decided to kind of merge the two and use this blog as my primary blog so now the (three, and that’s being generous by three) people who actually read this damn thing will be privy to every stupid little thought that pops into my head and says “Post me.”

I’m sorry and God help us all.

Your friend (and part-time lover),
Boom Boom Storm Cloud