Hey kids!

Got a special treat for you today!

Last Thursday, the talented Mr. David Brame sent me the first 8 pages of our graphic novel — Punch-Up — drawn and inked. I lettered said pages yesterday and, tonight, I am uploading and displaying for all [three people who read my blog] to see.

With this done, I’ll be printing off several copies of the submission proposal — along with the 8 page preview, the cover mock-up, and the Punch-Up logo (should someone *cough, cough*Michael*cough* ever finish designing it) — and send it all off the Image Comics within the next few weeks. And, then, hopefully, we’ll hear back whether they want to pick up our book sometime early next year. :fingers crossed:

So, please, read the opener to out book and feel free to comment, tell us how much you love it, sing our praises and just, generally, kiss our asses.

Hope you all enjoyed that. I know I did.

Keep your eyes peeled to this location for more Punch-Up updates (and short stories) through the coming weeks and months.

Your friend (and part-time lover),
Boom Boom Storm Cloud