Hey Kids,

As promised, here are some pictures from last weekend’s 2008 Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention. Let us all unite and bask in the glory of herds of nerds in costume. You will not be disappointed.

First of, with this summer’s highly anticipated Dark Knight approaching, the covention floor was covered in Jokers and henchmen. (And, yes, the first one was female… I think…)

And, of course, the Star Wars nerds had to be out in full force…

The superheroes were hanging around, patrolling the area.

Two kinds of Blade.


Supergirl (who was actually getting ready to fly off. She wasn’t belching, I swear.)


Jean Grey (who had to put her hands up to her head, mimicking the whole telepathy thing, so you knew she was Jean Grey… and not just some other chick in black leather.)

Doctor Strange flashed us. (I actually had to photoshop his clothes on him; he was only wearing the Cloak of Levitation at the Con.)

Captain America punched our table neighbor (I think he thought he was the Red Skull or something. I mean, Cap IS like 90 years old. He could have gotten that Alzheimers while frozen in that block of ice.).

And, of course, Comic Con would not be complete without the Dumpy Justice League of America.

The conventions was filled with various other freaks and weirdos, too.

Like Mr. Sinister (who was very evil, but still couldn’t get his digital camera to work) and some chick with leather and a gun.

Ghostbusters (for Teh Phil).

Indiana Jones, the fattest SeaQuest guy I’ve ever seen, a lazy Jedi I think, and some guy in a leather jacket.

One of my favorite characters, Spider Jerusalem (for TWM).

Some douchebag with stupid douchebag hair.

A couple of other douchebags came dressed up as Erik Rose and Aaron Norton.

Chicks with guns.

Sweeney Todd.

And, my friend, Miss Monster. (It’s kind of a funny story, I heard from Wayne [Chinsang, EIC of Tastes Like Chicken Magazine, writer of upcoming Image comic The Roberts, and all-around perv.] that Melly was supposed to be at the Con, in full costume. I hadn’t seen her or heard what her costume was supposed to be, so I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t even sure I would see her at all. Then, while I was sitting with Michael at our table, I see this big black werewolf roaming down our isle. I asked if I could take a picture, the wolf posed, and I took the shot. Afterwards, I asked “Are you, by chance, Miss Monster?” And, then, in the girliest voice you’ve ever heard come out of a large, black werewolf, she said “Boom Boom?”)

ComicCon wouldn’t be complete without tons of superhot girls in slutty, skimpy comic book character costumes. (Of course, while all of the nerds and fanboys were grabbing their inhalers and drooling over these girls — *Huff huff “C-c-can I- can I get a p-picture with you? OMG! Thanks! This is going right up on my myspace! (Then the other guys in my Warcraft guild will totally think I nailed her!) Marry me?” Huff puff) — the only thing my asexual mind could think was “Geez, they must be cold.”)

There were some Poison Ivies.

A Black Canary.

A Zatana.

Hot Hollywood lesbian couple, Black Canary and Electra.

And, I have no idea what the hell she was supposed to be, but at least she looked warm.

However, the best costumes, by far, belonged to this guy and his kid:

Longshot? (I’m not really sure if that’s who this is or not, but it fits with the theme of the other costumes, if it is.)


And Mojo.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Keep your eyes here later this week for more postings and updates.

Your friend (and part-time lover),
Boom Boom Storm Cloud