Imagine your whole world is silent.

Sure, there are people everywhere, talking. Yelling. Singing. Televisions and radios blare endless amounts of noise. Cars drive by; engines rumbling, brakes screeching, horns honking. A dog barks. But you can’t hear it.

You are walking down a busy street, trying to send a text to a friend, but something is different about your phone. You can’t find any of your previous conversations, but instead discover photos you didn’t take. Photos of… dead bodies?

You are confused. And upset. You might throw up.

Your pace slows, as you try to wrap your mind around what you’ve just seen, and you look up just in time to see the head of the person walking in front of you burst open as a bullet passes through it. The faces of people around you contort in fear as they open their mouths to scream screams you will never hear. Some of them drop to the ground, trying to make themselves as small as possible. Others run for cover.

Now you are even more confused.

You turn around, looking for the answer to a question you’ve already solved. You see a man with a gun. You remember the thing in your hand; the phone that is not your phone, filled with pictures of… such horrible things. Suddenly, you realize who it belongs to.

You look back up. The man with the gun is coming towards you. At you. Fire erupts from the end of the barrel as he takes another soundless shot. A bullet flies by your head.

And then you run.

MUTE: How do you escape a killer you can’t hear coming?


Hey kids,

I just wanted to let you all know that the Kickstarter for my new comic, MUTE, recently went live! MUTE is a 48-page modern noir comic I wrote that is being drawn by artist Michael Lee Harris.

Our story follows Adrian Kim, a deaf steel mill worker, and his ladyfriend, Meg, as they find themselves on the run from a ruthless killer after Adrian accidentally mistakes the killer’s smartphone – filled with incriminating evidence of grisly murders – for his own.

Because Adrian is deaf, there is absolutely no spoken dialogue or sound effects in the comic. You, as the reader, are just as “deaf” as Adrian is. Which means that there aren’t any sort of advanced warnings of oncoming danger. No footsteps slowly growing louder or gunshots ringing through an alleyway; just bullets whizzing past your head.

Of the $7,000 we need to produce MUTE, fifty percent of the money raised will cover art production; a quarter will go towards printing the book; and the rest of the money will be divided up and used to pay for shipping, Kickstarter fees, and various campaign rewards.

The MUTE Kickstarter will run until April 8th at 11:59 PM EST.

Hey kids,

As some of you may remember, I — along with the Amazing David Brame — used to run a webcomic, called Punch-Up, about a kid named Patrick, who gets beaten up for a living, and his slightly unbalanced stalker BFF, Kendra. So, with such a fantastically weird story concept like that, of course we had to do a special Christmas comic.

Santa, Baby ran during the Christmas of 2011 but, since then, the site has been taken down. It may have only been a five page story, but it was one of my favorite, more personal little comics I had ever written. It means quite a bit to me. I love this little bit of weirdness. Hope you enjoy it, too.

(click to enlarge)

Santa Baby
I hope you are all having a very merry happy, no matter how you may be spending it or who you’re spending it with. Love you guys.

Like Beyoncé, I’ve been busy these last few weeks putting together an album in secret that I planned on releasing with absolutely no warning. Unlike Beyoncé, very few people are going to care about this one. Ah, well. My fault for not being astonishingly talented and famous and good-looking. Something to think about for the next one, I suppose.


Yes! A Christmas mixtape! I made one of those! For you! Yes! You! Why? Because I like you, silly! You’re so kind and funny and your hair always looks fantastic and I just wanted to do something nice to show you how much I appreciate you and the friendship we share. It’s kind of the season for that, y’know?

What Christmas Means To Me is made up of several of my favorite Christmas songs. Some of them are super fun and just kind of make you want to dance and sing along. Some are all laid back and nonchalant and perfect for sipping on some egg nog by the fire.

01. Darlene Love: Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) // 02. Stevie Wonder: What Christmas Means To Me // 03. The Drifters: White Christmas // 04. Ella Fitzgerald: Have yourself a merry little Christmas  // 05. Eartha Kitt: Santa, Baby // 06. Louis Armstrong: ‘Zat You, Santa Claus? // 07. The Ronettes: Sleigh Ride // 08. Ray Charles: Winter Wonderland // 09. Otis Redding: Merry Christmas Baby // 10. Bobby Womack: The Christmas Song // 11. James Brown: Let’s Unite The Whole World At Christmas //12. Vince Guaraldi Trio: Christmas Time Is Here // 13. Silent Track // 14. Jackson 5: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

You can download the What Christmas Means To Me here. I really do hope you enjoy it.

Happy holidays, you guys. Be good to each other.

My niece asked me to tell her a story, so I told her the popular children’s fable, The Little Prince of Bel-Air:

Once upon a time, there was a young peasant boy named Will, who was born and raised in the small village of West Philadelphia. He spent most of his days frolicking in the woods and meadows; chilling out, maxing, relaxing in a coolish manner, throwing rocks through holes in the trees behind the monastery. One day, a couple of knights, who were up to no good, invaded the village and started wreaking havoc on Will’s family’s land. He got into one little joust and his mother grew scared. She told him “You’re leaving at once on a quest for your aunt and uncle’s castle in the kingdom of Bel-Air!”

Will whistled for his steed and when it came near, the saddle plating said “fresh” and had the most peculiar gear. It anything, he could say that this steed was rare, but thought better of it and, instead, called out “Yah! Homes! To Bel-Air!” Homes was the name of his steed, you see.

It was a long and arduous journey, but Will arrived at the castle of his aunt and uncle, late into the next evening. He placed his steed in the stables for the night – “Yo, Homes.” he reassured the animal. “Smell you later.” Will looked at his new kingdom. He was finally there! And in a short time, after defeating the King’s own son in a duel of both wits and brawn, Will would claim the throne as the new prince of Bel-Air.

Ah, but that is a story for another day…

Because sometimes I need the reminder.

The Go! Team

The Muppets

Henson and Kermit.jpg



The Princess Bride


The Brothers Bloom

brothers bloom

Jurassic Park

jurassic park

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy


Parks And Recreation

ron swanson

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker Front Large



The Cowboy Wally Show

cowboy wally show

Amelia Cole


Baby Elephants


Coffee Ice Cream


Pepperoni Bread


Frozen Grapes

frozen grapes

Making Comics

making comics

Finding new comic book pages from my artist in my inbox.

Punch Up 2_001

When I’m lettering a comic and the dialogue makes a near-perfectly round balloon shape.


My friends.

friends 1friends 2friends 3friends 4

My Godson.


My Pup.

108109 177 Picture 052Picture 002 Picture 004 Picture 005Picture 049 Picture 002 Picture 003 Picture 004 Picture 005Picture 057

My dad and I argue a lot. But never over anything serious. There some sort of unspoken rule in my family that we can only get into a shouting match over things that don’t matter at all.

Like the time my dad tried to unlock my car and then threw the keys at me and yelled for a full ten minutes about how I need to better take care of my things. (BTW, he was trying to unlock my car with HIS car keys. And then he yelled at me for not telling him that he was trying to unlock my car with his keys.)

We never seem to argue — or even discuss — anything that really matters. But the more inconsequential a topic, the louder we’ll shout and the longer we’ll stay mad at each other.


So this evening, after watching the “Angels Take Manhattan” episode of DOCTOR WHO, my dad and I almost came to blows in an argument over Weeping Angels. Tonight’s argument went a little something like this (SPOILERS, Sweeties.):

DAD: What I don’t get is why doesn’t the Doctor just pick up a baseball bat and hit the Weeping Angels with it?

ME: Because they’re in a hotel. There isn’t a baseball bat around.

DAD: There could be.

ME: But there’s not. And even if there was, he’d have to quickly look around for it, taking his eyes off the Angel, and then they’d get him and send him back in time.

DAD: You mean to tell me he couldn’t keep his eye on the Angel and just back up until he found a baseball bat or a crowbar?

ME: In the middle of an empty hotel hallway? He’s just gonna find a random baseball bat laying around?

DAD: Fine! They’re not in a hotel! They’re in a warehouse and there’s a two-by-four right in front of him. You’re telling me he couldn’t just knock off the statue’s head?

*my dad picks up a bottle of Vitamin Water that was left on the coffee table and mimes hitting me over the head with it*

ME: With a two-by-four?

DAD: FINE! A sledgehammer, then! What if he had a sledgehammer?

ME: *under my breath* JFC.

ME: What if he had a NUKE?!

ME: It doesn’t matter, because they’re not in a warehouse! They’re in an empty hotel hallway and they don’t have a baseball bat or a crowbar or a sledgehammer or a &$^@ing two-by-four or any other weapon that can hurt a Weeping Angel!!!

DAD: Well, why not?!

ME: Well, for one thing, they are inside of a hotel that’s practically run by the Weeping Angels. This is their farm to feed from. This is their house. WHY would they keep weapons that could hurt them in their own house?!

DAD: Maybe they just forgot that they had them.

ME: Forgot what? That the had a SLEDGEHAMMER — OR ANY OTHER WEAPON THAT CAN HURT THEM — just laying around? In the hotel where they harvest their food?

ME: First of all, that would be like Superman storing Kryptonite in the Fortress of Solitude and then just FORGETTING ABOUT IT!

ME: Second, would YOU forget that you had a gun in the house, but still just leave it laying around on the coffee table, for the hostages you have trapped in the kitchen to find?

DAD: I don’t know why he just doesn’t run ‘em over with a truck.

ME: You realize that you are basically a crazy person, right?


DAD: I’m just saying, all he did was run away. Running away is stupid. I don’t know why he just didn’t grab something and knock their heads off.

ME: Because that’s NOT the story that’s being told!

ME: The story that’s being told is that they are trapped — SURROUNDED — by Weeping Angels and they are DEFENSELESS against them. Y’know, for the sake of PLOT and DRAMA?

DAD: Whatever. Y’know, I could have been watching the ball game instead of this…

So glad it’s finally Free Comic Book Day! Lettering Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER has been a blast and I’m so grateful that I can finally hold a physical copy of this book in my hands! Hope you guys dig it!


Not to be outdone by FCBD, I also received Kyle Starks’s amazing THE LEGEND OF RICKY THUNDER collection, a couple of fantastic mini comics, and some pretty rad Ricky Thunder stickers and trading cards in the mail today!


And, even though I technically received this a week ago, thanks to my best friends, Kev and Jody, I finally got my hands on a copy of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: HYRULE HISTORIA.


Zelda is probably my all-time FAVORITE video game series and I have been wanting a Zelda art book for the looongest time. So you can imagine how absolutely THRILLED I was when the HISTORIA was announced last year.

(I don’t know if you can tell, but I am cackling maniacally behind the book.)

So, yeah, Ice Cube, I guess today was a good day…

Hey kids,

I’ve got a pretty exciting announcement to make.

As most of you know, in addition to writing comics, I also letter comics and have been lucky enough to have worked on a number of fantastic books. About a month back, I was hired to letter what is easily one of the biggest titles of my career thus far: Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER!

Molly Danger

Most of you will recognize Jamal Igle from his fantastic runs drawing books like SUPERGIRL and NIGHTWING.

MOLLY is his first all-ages creator-owned graphic album series. “She’s smart, and she’s incredibly brave. She’s the protector of Coopersville, the Princess of Finesse, the petite powerhouse known only as Molly Danger! But what secrets threaten everything she holds dear?” You can read more about both Jamal and Molly here.

And, as if that’s not cool enough, on May 4th, you can pick up the first eleven pages of the world’s most powerful 10-year-old girl’s story — with my letters : ) — for FREE in the MOLLY DANGER/PRINCELESS Free Comic Book Day book from Action Lab Entertainment!

Molly Danger FCBD

You can read a preview of the MOLLY DANGER FCBD story here (although, I CAN NOT stress enough the fact that these are not final letters.).

Check back here for more MOLLY and non-MOLLY related comic book announcements in the near future. Like, say, next week-ish. ; )

Three individual little old men, each wearing little old men driving hats, complimented me on my little old man driving hat this afternoon while I was out running errands.

After several months — years? — of disguising myself in their garb, learning their language, and earning their trust, I have finally been accepted by the local tribe — or matlock — of little old men.

Tune in next time, as I further investigate the time-honored customs of: offering small hard candies to one another; loudly complaining about the length of hair, piercings, and tribal markings of area young; and uncover the mystery of the “early bird” dinner.


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